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Movie Review: Is 'Last Moment Of Clarity' Clearly Worth Renting?

When it comes to semi-erotic mystery, “Last Moment of Clarity” has the competition beat. The indie thriller makes the most of its story as it traverses international locales amid a gripping mystery. Is Georgia Outerbridge (Samara Weaving) alive? When Sam Pivnic goes to a movie to get his mind off t…

Movie Review: 'The Legacy Of The Bones' Is One Chilling Sequel

Before you watch “The Legacy of the Bones” (“Legado en Los Huesos”), you need to watch “The Invisible Guardian.” It is the only way to fully obtain the context of the sequel, which works as a standalone movie. Though it thrives as part of a larger creative puzzle. Thankfully, Netflix is already st…

Movie Review: Russian Thriller 'Break' Pulls Out All The Stops

As of writing this review for the Russian language thriller “Break” (“Otryv”), the movie has a 4.3 user rating on IMDb. Do not let its low score keep you from watching it. “Break” is an utterly entertaining worst-case scenario heart-pumper that keeps the thrills and chills coming in steady supply.

Movie Review: 'I Still See You' Is A Supernatural Thriller Worth Seeing

I Still See You Bella Thorne Veronica Ronnie Calder
Proving that there are still intriguing stories to tell in the supernatural thriller sub-genre is the Bella Thorne starrer “I Still See You.” The movie is set in the aftermath of an event that has caused ghostly replays of deceased people to become visible to the living. More on that in a sec.

Movie Review: 'An Affair To Die For' Is An Engaging Saturday Night Thriller

An Affair To Die For Titus Welliver Russell Claire Forlani Holly Jake Abel Everett
The subgenre of affair-driven drama meets suspenseful thriller in “An Affair to Die For.” It picks up with Claire Forlani's Holly heading to meet her lover for a weekend getaway. Clueless, that what actually awaits her is something far from frolic-filled.

Movie Review: Netflix's 'Kidnapping Stella' Is A Suspenseful Must-Stream

Kidnapping Stella Tom Max von der Groeben Vic Clemens Schick Stella Jella Haase Netflix
“Kidnapping Stella” is an impressively taut Netflix thriller that's opener conveys the road ahead for this Netflix movie. The chilling vision of two kidnappers preparing to take a victim hostage for ransom fills the opening minutes. Then, they put their plan into action, ripping Stella off the streets in broad daylight.

Movie Review: 'Down a Dark Hall' (2018)

“Down a Dark Hall” boasts an intriguing premise. It centers on a rebellious teen, who is sent to a boarding school to help correct her life path. Soon after arriving at the ominous school -- Kit (AnnaSophia Robb) is joined by several other reportedly troubled girls. Before long, they all begin to flourish under their intense headmistress' guidance.

Movie Review: 'Voice From The Stone' (2017)

Marrying a costume drama and a ghost story together makes a lot of sense. They suit each other. Largely because there is an opportunity for one’s imagination to run free without technology interrupting.

Movie Review: Netflix's 'Malevolent' (2018)

Confession: As a prospective viewer, anytime the plot of a "supernatural" thriller involves the acknowledgment of psychics faking -- a movie has placed its first hook. For every “Conjuring” there should be a genre rebuttal for skeptics. Unfortunately, “Malevolent” is not it.

Movie Review: Is 'The Strangers: Prey At Night' A Worthy Sequel?

When your predecessor is the scariest movie of all-time, there are bound to be expectations. No one could have reasonably thought “The Strangers” could go back-to-back with two equally unnerving installments though. In fact, the idea of a sequel is such a tall order, it would have been even more r…

Scary Movie Highlights On Netflix And Elsewhere

The Awakening Rebecca Hall Florence Cathcart
Every once in a while a lot of us yearn for a little thrill. Perhaps it’s a certain chill in the air that helps put it there, but the desire is real nonetheless. So, what is worth watching on Netflix and elsewhere to give you that bite of fright? Eclectic Pop has some suggestions, and they range from supernatural-based thrillers to reality-centric scares…

Movie Review: 'Delirium' (2018)

Movies centered on a plot that questions whether a protagonist is sane or not is practically its own genre at this point. To be perfectly honest, yours truly is not its biggest fan. In fact, when perusing potential viewing options, it is the most avoided one. So, suffice it to say “Delirium” had to have something going for it, to decide to press play.

Movie Review: 'Perdida' (2018)

Perdida Manuela Pelari Pipa Luisana Lopilato Sirena Amaia Salamanca Ariel Juan Ignacio Cane
Mystery and thrills converge unexpectedly in the enthralling “Perdida.” The movie introduces its lead character in the present day with a concise sequence that lets the audience in on everything they need to know about the essence of Pipa (Luisana Lopilato), a driven detective. What drives her is made equally clear thanks to a brief intro.

Movie Review: 'Truth or Dare' (2018)

Young people, alcohol, deceit, and bad ideas. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, that’s right…everything. Even with its fantastical bent of horror, “Truth or Dare” can be viewed as a cautionary tale with an honest narrative on the real cost of those forces colliding. As is the case in “Final Destination,” young people in “Truth or Dare” try to escape their deadly fate, as some are more successful than others.

Movie Review: 'Happy Death Day' (2017)

When it comes to movies and their plots, it is next to impossible to invent anything viewers have never seen before. You can improve upon it though, and that is what director Christopher Landon deftly accomplishes with "Happy Death Day." As strange of a combination as it sounds, the movie is “Groundhog Day” and "Halloween" meets “A Christmas Carol,” and it works.

Movie Review: 'Forgotten' (2017)

The movie poster for the Korean thriller 'Forgotten' on Neflix
There is nothing forgettable about this innovative dramatic thriller that superbly weaves together several genre threads to create something entirely unique. “Forgotten” (originally titled: “Gi-eok-ui Bam”) opens as a family is moving into their new home. Joining their parents are twenty-something brothers Jin-seok (Kang Ha-neul) and Yoo-seok (Kim Mu-yeol).

Movie Review: 'Split' (2017)

M. Night Shyamalan’s darkest film to date is also his most densely scripted. James McAvoy stars as a man, whose personality has splintered 23 ways. As his 24th persona prepares to emerge, he randomly kidnaps three teenage girls (Haley Lu Richardson, Jessica Sula, and Anya Taylor-Joy).

Movie Review: 'The Shallows' (2016)

“Open Water” meets “Jaws” in this exciting, if wobbly, guilty pleasure. Blake Lively plays Nancy, a grieving medical school student, mourning the recent loss of her mother. Looking to connect with her mother’s memory, Nancy journeys to her mother’s favorite spot on earth, a secluded slice of island paradise. Is there any other kind?

Movie Review: 'It Follows' (2014)

When a young woman (Maika Monroe) contracts a communicably transmitted apparition, her, her sister and their friends join forces to outrun the deadly specter in “It Follows.” Opening on a scene depicting what will happen if they fail, writer/director David Robert Mitchell, sets the stage for a high stakes game of keep-away.

Movie Review: 'The Conjuring 2' (2016)

The Conjuring 2 Vera Farmiga Lorraine Warren Warner Bros
Director James Wan returns behind the camera, while actors Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles in front, for this sequel to the 2013 smash. As a lot of sequels do, “The Conjuring 2” leaves America for Europe on its second go-around. So our story picks up in 1977 north London, where a single mom (Frances O’Connor) and her four children are besieged by a poltergeist.