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Why Taylor Swift's Cozy 'Cardigan' Is The Best Song On 'Folklore'

In a surprise that still has me reeling in the best way, Taylor Swift released her latest album, ‘Folklore,’ still hot on the heels of her dreamy delight, ‘Lover.’ Thus, breaking the two-year wait that has usually preceded the release of an album, and gifting fans with “Cardigan.”

As someone who fou…

Lets Talk About...Mumford & Sons and Their New Sound

Three years ago Mumford & Sons swept the world into a banjo-fueled frenzy with their sensational album "Babel", the Grammy award-winning follow-up to their debut record "Sigh No More". Their sophomore effort would spawn the highly successful single 'I Will Wait'. A song that would subsequently propel them over the threshold of indie acclaim and into mainstream acknowledgement.

Song Review: Hellena, 'Dream Big'

Grecian born and UK-based singer/songwriter Hellena’s single ‘Dream Big’ does just that by featuring exotic instrumentation that combines touches of R&B, pop and soul. A song about the ambition to live up to one’s potential, her lyrics embody the message as she sings “The fire’s still burning,…

Song Review: Tom Mitchell, 'Fifty Trees'

The latest single from Bristol-based singer/songwriter Tom Mitchell stays the course of his previously lovely works. Featured in last year’s Sonic Assembly for his terrific EP ‘Things That I Need to Undo’ (read about it here); Mitchell has once again regaled with his special brand of melodiously h…

Song Review: Thomas McConnell, 'Crocodile'

TV Report Card | 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Review

Overview: An adaptation of the second half of George R.R. Martin’s “A Storm of Swords”; the season found the Lannister’s pitted against each other more than ever, the surviving Stark girls coming into their own, Daenarys continuing her rule as a queen and the lone surviving Baratheon continuing his fight for the throne. All of this as the battle at The Wall came to a head.

Storyline Pros: Everything involving Tyrion was phenomenal. His trial diatribe against his accusers and detractors was sheer brilliance. He is a fascinating character and when he is not on-screen, the series doesn’t boast the same intrinsic glow that it does when he is on. It’s like watching color drain from a painting. His relationship with Tywin remains one of the most fascinating father/son dynamics that television has recently explored.