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'Dead Mountain' Arrives On Topic: Cast, Release Date, Plot And More

“Dead Mountain” (originally titled “Pereval Dyatlova”) is coming to the United States via the streaming service, Topic, and I have everything you need to know below. Based on the events surrounding the much speculated-upon Dyatlov Pass incident, this Russian series works to answer the myriad of que…

Movie Review: 'This Is Paris' Tries To Answer Who Is Paris Hilton?

Who is Paris Hilton? Truth be told, by the end of Alexandra Dean’s stunningly polished documentary, viewers are not left with a definitive answer. The one thing that “This Is Paris” undoubtedly hopes you walk away with is the impression that who the public has witnessed leave an indelible mark on p…

Streaming Spotlight: 'Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries' On Acorn TV

Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries Peregrine Fisher Geraldine Hakewill Acorn TV
She stars as half of one of television’s best duos on the Australian Netflix series, “Wanted.” Geraldine Hakewill is striking out on her own via an exciting show coming soon to Acorn TV. Here is everything you need to know about “Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries.”

Streaming Spotlight: 'Jack Taylor' Season 4 Is Coming To Acorn TV

UPDATE: “Jack Taylor” Season 4 will not premiere on Acorn TV in 2019. This page will be updated with any further release date news when it becomes available.

It has been a while since a new season of the crime drama “Jack Taylor,” premiered. The third and to-date latest season initially aired bac…

Streaming Spotlight: Acorn TV's 'London Kills'

"London Kills” is a brand-new series now on Acorn TV. The first TV show to receive a straight-to-series order from the streamer, the crime procedural comes from the creator of “Suspects,” Paul Marquess. So, what is it about?

Miniseries Review: 'Run!' (2016)

A four-part miniseries that never grinds its gears, "Run!" is as thrilling a viewing experience as its title suggests. Featuring "Silver Spoon" co-stars Pavel Priluchnyy and Denis Shvedov, this action-packed limited series is the perfect showcase for the actors' innate buddy chemistry.