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Movie Review: How Is 'Unbridled' ('Animales sin Collar') On Netflix?

Unbridled Animales sin Collar Natalia de Molina Nora Netflix
An aspiring politician, his devoted wife, and secrets from the past reach a fever pitch for potential calamity in “Unbridled” (“Animales sin Collar”). Abel (Daniel Grao) is a professor with a relentless desire to reach political office in Spain.

Netflix Movie Review: 'Blood Will Tell' ('La Misma Sangre') Offers Stellar Suspense Tale

Blood Will Tell La Misma Sangre Elías Oscar Martínez Carla Dolores Fonzi
Seldom, do you see a morality tale done with as evocative an edge as the one displayed in this Netflix movie. A story filled with stellar suspense is what “Blood Will Tell” (originally titled “La Misma Sangre”) delivers. Told in an easy to follow non-linear format and set in Argentina, the Spanish-language film opens as a family get-together is in lively progress.