Song of the Day: 'Before You' by Chantal Kreviazuk

From singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk’s 1999 album Colour Moving and Still comes, “Before You” a song that is as humble as it is lovely, a pop/adult alternative treat brimming with vulnerable sincerity. This song offers a look at someone confessing that before their current paramore entered their life, they were a bit of a mess.

As so many songs center on the notion of how a love has made their life complete, “Before You” juxtaposes life before and after, an earnest glimpse back to what they used to be like. As one who enters a relationship attempts to put their best face forward and make their sales pitch, this song is honest, no one is perfect.

The honesty is what makes this song so compelling and the tender way she describes how her life has changed. Kreviazuk’s delightful vocal performance creates a dreamy atmosphere that is eloquently backed by the soft touch of tambourines imbuing an enchanting whimsy that makes it as captivating as it is eternally memorable.