Song of the Day: 'Unlike Any Other' by Delta Rae

“Unlike Any Other” is a sensational song from folk rock band Delta Rae off of their debut album “Carry the Fire”. This is a simple heartfelt ballad that is riveting. Elizabeth Hopkins’ vocals are ethereal, powerful and downright amazing.

I had the pleasure of seeing them live in concert and they were wonderful. When Hopkins performed this song, she brought down the house and it was a very special moment in the show.

“Unlike Any Other” isn’t like most songs you will hear these days and that is because it is leagues better. A haunting melody that is accompanied by a message of longing for the only person who can make you feel the love you need, it is a simple message that is delivered in a really extraordinary way with this song. Hopefully it will get the appreciation it deserves.

It could easily be played on one of the moody dramas that are so popular on TV. I’m looking at you "Pretty Little Liars" and the entire CW lineup. Either way it deserves to be heard by a larger audience.