Album of the Week: 'Carry the Fire' by Delta Rae

While, “Unlike Any Other” is a phenomenal song, the entire “Carry the Fire” album is on par with it. It has something for everyone, there are so many genres touched on that if you’re just a fan of music in general, this album will appeal to you. From folk to blues to country to pop to bluegrass to rock, it is a brilliant blend of the best elements from those genres.

The harmonies are well done and there is a beautiful cohesive element. “Carry the Fire” celebrates youth, acknowledging all of its mistakes and the trial and tribulations of growing up and holding on to the love that we find along the way or in the case of “If I Loved You” addressing the rarely talked about angle of the frustrating emotions that come with being the subject of someone’s affections that are unrequited by you.

Opening with the heartwarming “Holding On To Good” which; features the band’s signature third chorus swell that also envelops “Morning Comes”, “Is Anyone Out There”, “Forgive the Children We Once Were” and “If I Loved You”.

“Bottom of the River” is a soulful gospel inspired track that is a boot stomping good time. “Fire” is a rock song that could’ve held back a little on its base, though it lends itself to some extensive theatricality. There are stand out songs on this album, “If I Loved You”, “Holding On to Good”, and “Unlike Any Other” being the best among them.

“Carry the Fire” is one of those albums that is an actual album. Not a collection of singles stuffed together incoherently. To name some examples, on “Holding On to Good” the lyrics say “in the morning/sometimes I think about the way you held me” and there is a song called “In the Morning”.

Plus, at the end of the album’s last song “Hey, Hey, Hey” there is yet another reference to “In the Morning” as it is quietly sung at the end of the song. It’s these little references that tie the album together. If this is what Delta Rae can do on their first album, I am excited to her what a little more finesse and time can bring with their second. Until, then I will help carry the fire for Delta Rae.