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TV Report Card | 'Bates Motel' Season 1 Review

Overview: “Bates Motel” tells the origin story of one of film’s most memorable villains, Norman Bates and just as effectively, his families’.

Storyline Direction: This was hands down the best written show of the 2012-2013 season. It was taught and thrilling. There were no missteps. I repeat none! It was a masterpiece. The slow build ratcheted up each week and blew our minds with one twist after another. All of the characters were written with depth and fleshed out with resonance.

TV Report Card | 'Nashville' Season 1 Review

Overview: On “Nashville”, two divas of country music battle it out for supremacy in a war that included more hair spray and bustieres than any battle in history

Storyline Direction: At the heart of “Nashville” is the bitter rivalry between Rayna James (Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights) and Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere, Heroes). At the core of their battle is more than just wanting to have the country music crown. It is a battle between the ages, the social classes and the overall philosophies of how a woman should get things done.

TV Report Card | 'Revenge' Season 2 Review

Overview: The Hamptons were the center of more backstabbing, lies and very little revenge as Emily Thorne continued her plot to destroy the Graysons.

Storyline Direction: The second season of “Revenge” is the reason the term ‘sophomore slump’ was coined. Poorly constructed the whole way through, the beginning of the season quickly gave way to, the fact, this season was going to fall disastrously short of its first and barely hold on, as entertaining in its own right without any other comparisons.

TV Report Card | 'Beauty and the Beast' Season 1 Review

Overview: In this re-make of the 1980’s TV show, Beauty is a kick-ass police detective and the beast is a genetically altered doctor. At the beginning of the season they solved crimes together. The latter half would be spent with them trying to outsmart a government conspiracy.

TV Report Card | 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 4 Review

Overview: Elena finally turned into a vampire which sent everyone in town in search of “the cure”. Along with finding immortality she also managed to cross hooking up with Damon off her bucket list. Question, if you are a vampire can you have a bucket list?

TV Report Card | 'Arrow' Season 1 Review

Overview: After escaping from an island he has been stranded on for 5 years, Oliver Queen returns home to clean up Starling City as a masked vigilante, not yet christened “The Green Arrow”, he sports heavy eye make-up and a hood that doesn’t obscure his entire face, his mission entails becoming “something else”.

TV Report Card | '90210' Season 5 Review

Overview: The last season of the show you never quite understood why you watched in the first place finally arrived. The young-adults (I use the term very lightly) experienced another season of backstabbing, sobbing, and broken hearts.
Storyline Direction: As far as story direction goes, “90210.” te…

TV Report Card | 'Once Upon a Time' Season 2 Review

Overview: The second season of the fairytale adventure series saw our heroes battle giants, Queen Regina and find a new land.

Storyline Development: “Once…” seemed to be fighting the sophomore slump as hard as its characters were fighting for and against magic. Showrunners, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, led a show that was more determined than ever and gave it all they had. Focusing on anti-hero/villain(?) Gold and Regina served the series well, as they are the show's most compelling characters.

Song of the Day: 'Most People' by Dawes

First heard this song recently when I had the splendor of seeing Dawes in concert when they opened for Bob Dylan on his tour and they were unbelievable. They had a really dynamic sound and played great live, so if you get the chance to see them, please do.

They had a fantastic stage presence and they’re unique sound kept you hanging on every beat. The song that really stood out during their set was “Most People” from their latest album “Stories Don’t End”.

TV Report Card | 'Red Widow' Season 1 Review

Overview: Red Widow told the story of a woman who has been widowed and must hold her family together after her husband is murdered. It is an American remake of the Dutch television show, Penoza. The ratings for this one were low, so this very well might be the first and last season of the series.

TV Report Card: 'The Lying Game' Season 2 Review

“The Lying Game” had its second season after a whole year away from being broadcast. You would not have known it from watching because the show has not missed a beat. It features characters worth caring about and a mystery that keeps you intrigued and satisfied along the way.

TV Report Card | 'Dallas' Season 2 Review

Overview: Another season of the sudsy drama that surrounded the Ewing family dynasty. It was a season riddled with heartache and off-screen tragedy that would make this the most complicated season faced by any TV series in recent times, after Larry Hagman the core of what made "Dallas" all that it was, passed away.

TV Report Card | 'Vikings' Season 1 Review

“Vikings” concluded its first season this past Sunday. It had been an interesting 9 episodes. The show is dark and gritty. “Vikings” is History Channel’s answer to “Game of Thrones” and is their latest scripted series after they found monster success with the mini-series “Hatfields & McCoys.”

TV Report Card | 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3B Review

Overview: Pretty Little Liars had their latter half of the 3rd season. This season saw the liars once again sniffing out the traitors among them and revealing those who were loyal.

Storyline Direction: Overall, this season was perpetually sluggish. The oh-so predictable Toby turnaround was more than obnoxious, it was a downright letdown. After seemingly making the bold decision to write perennial grey character Toby a member of the A-team, it was revealed to all be a lie.

TV Report Card | 2012/13 Season

It’s that time of year again. Most of your favorite shows are coming to an end. As each show has its finale, I will review their season and assess a grade for how well they did. The categories that compose that grade will be based on the writing (storyline direction), performance quality and music composition. Click the titles to read each show's Report Card...