Let's Discuss: 'Pretty Little Liars'

'Pretty Little Liars' had its season premiere last week and the premiere was less than exciting. It would be easy to write it off as a case of the beginning blues and perhaps after building a little momentum in the second episode, the season would find its rhythm.

Well, the second episode premiered this week and there was no improvement. What is going on with this show? It seems to have run out of steam as a series as a whole. There seems to be no definitive direction and it is meandering through whatever stories it is trying to tell.

As an example of the grip this show is losing on what is qualifying as suspense these days, there is the following example. Before the season premiered the Showrunner, I. Marlene King, was dropping huge hints about the “shocking” reveal as to what the contents of the trunk were going to be when the girls opened it up in the opening sequence.

She told sheknows.com’s Lauren Joskowitz that she had to “look away” every time she saw the scene. So when the contents were revealed to be a dead pig, all of the hoopla was once again revealed to be just that, drummed up excitement for a plot twist that was neither exciting nor satisfying. Pretty Little Liars seems to be overestimating what is actually shocking.

There are some moments just within the first 2 episode in which the audience has been severely talked down to. Emily fell on a rock and couldn’t swim as a result. Hanna’s mom, Ashley, didn’t just throw away or set aflame her high heels that might’ve been used in the commission of a crime. Spencer, a legacy, can’t get into the college that her rich parents and sister have already been to. That is simply fiction.

One call from daddy and it would be fixed. This storyline is apparently supposed to make us realize that rich people have real problems to and things don’t always go their way. All they are actually doing is insulting the “average” people who watch this show. We’re not stupid enough to actually believe that. Allison threatened to kill herself by holding her breath for an extended period of time. Time for a reality check, that isn’t even possible.
In a bleak opening so far with no real plot developments or answered questions, as were promised, it is looking like this season will be a tumultuous one. 

There is good news, Aria and Fitz seem to actually be broken up; dare I say (hope), for real. They did at least bring in a viable love interest for her so that is promising. Spencer and Toby are still as exciting as taking a sleeping pill. Emily and Page are close to their happy ending and already you can sense that will not happen. Hanna’s love life has been on hold thus far which is fine.

It seems each season; the girl who is tortured by A, the A-Team, Red Coat or whatever they are called that season, has to focus on the threat to the home front. Also, as we know *spoiler alert* the character of Caleb is being written out so he can be on a spin-off show that deals with something supernatural. How these two shows will supposedly connect to one another is beyond me.

[Featured Image by Freeform/ABC Family]