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Movie Review: 'Red 2' (2013)

‘Red 2’ is the follow-up to the 2010 surprise hit, ‘Red’. The sequel finds the original ensemble re-teaming along with some new cast additions and a new director, Dean Parisot (taking over for Robert Schwentke). This is one of those rare sequels that hits the mark of being equal to its predecessor. That is largely thanks to the return of screenwriting duo, Jon and Erich Hoeber.

Song of the Day: 'Girl in the War' by Josh Ritter

“Girl in the War” is the first track on Josh Ritter’s album The Animal Years. Ritter’s soft and tender voice lends deep compassion to one of folk music’s best songs. Ritter, an underrated talent, provides a song-writers utopia and music lover’s nebulous wonder at the meaning behind one of the most spellbinding songs I’ve ever heard.

Top 25 Remaining Movies of 2013 | Part 1

Introducing, Eclectic Pop’s Top 25 Remaining Movies of 2013. Each week Eclectic Pop will post 5 new titles in order of their release date and a short description to help you judge for yourself.

#1: The Wolverine Hugh Jackman returns as the titular character, marking his 5th film in the role. While o…

Let's Discuss: Cory Monteith And 'Glee'

Cory Monteith, one of the stars of Glee, passed away two weekends ago, and with the immense heartbreak of his passing, a giant hole has been left in the hearts of millions of people. As an avid viewer of Glee, there will be a huge difference in the emotion tuning in to the show once provided. There is no question they can still count on my viewership.

Album of the Week: 'I and Love and You' by The Avett Brothers

I and Love and You  is the 2009 album from The Avett Brothers and their first album with major label American Recordings. They have released 7 albums, 4 EPs and 3 live albums. They have long been at the forefront of the Americana movement. They have mastered many genres including folk, bluegrass, pop, rock & roll, country and even a little punk thrown in for good measure.

Let's Discuss: 'Under the Dome'

Under the Dome  is CBS’ summer series based on the novel of the same title by horror master Stephen King. When this project was first announced it was under the guise that it would be presented as a “mini-series” something that I’ve long championed returning to the air waves.

5 TV Shows That (Might) Have Been Better As Miniseries

Back in the day, they were all the rage. "They" were miniseries. A surefire way to assure audiences, they could invest in characters they love, and a journey they could be confident they could see to the end. With the TV shows that are currently on the air, they will either get one season, or be cancelled in the midst of their first season, leaving many fans disappointed. 

If the show is a hit, it can remain on the air, well past its expiration date, leaving a once quality show with a quantity of episodes that serve as a painful reminder of a hay day that has long since past.

Another advantage to miniseries is that actors, who are hesitant to commit for a 5 to 7 year contract (the normal contract time for a television series) would have the ability to reach a wide audience by appearing on television while, having the freedom to pursue film roles. With that Eclectic Pop presents a list of shows currently on the air that would be better served in a fate that will circumvent both of these sad outcomes, by being a miniseries.

Movie Review: 'Spring Breakers' (2012)

"Spring Breakers" follows four degenerate college girls as they head to spring break after robbing a restaurant filled with customers so they can have the money to go on their dream trip. It never occurs to them to lighten up on their expensive drug habit so they can have the money without needing to commit armed robbery (with a water gun) and terrorize others in the process. At the heart of "Spring Breakers" is that key indictment.

Movie Review: 'The Lone Ranger' (2013)

The Lone Ranger trotted into theaters last week after 3 years of a highly publicized troubled production. Anticipation for the quality of the film was universally low and as one of the “lone” people hoping for things to turn out differently, the honest fact is this is currently the worst movie of the year. Choppily edited with an uneven flow, this film is a tutorial in filmmaking at its worst. As a movie it is simply dreadful and we haven’t even covered the script.

Must-See Movie Review: 'Malena' (2000)

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” is an old sang commonly said in jest as to suggest that the notion is so ridiculously implausible, it is understood to be a satire on the faux-plight of the good looking. Certainly, people wouldn’t hate someone just because they are beautiful, right? It is a well regarded “fact” that because of their physical appearance they have the world at their proverbial fingertips.

Kismet Ryding - Look.See.Don't.Trip (EP Review)

Kismet Ryding is a British band based out of Grimsby and is composed of Mike Freeman, Josh Humphreys, Tom Humphreys and Jazz White. Their new EP is just as, if not more, energetically frenzied than any band on the planet which is a very good thing. They bring a rollicking energy and groove that are about to push rock music to another level. The guitar riffs are frenetic genius and the hooks sensational.

Movie Review: 'Lola Versus' (2012)

"Lola Versus" is a treasure trove of goodness,  starring indie darling and Noah Baumbach muse Greta Gerwig and rising star Joel Kinnaman. This quirky independent neo-romantic comedy follows the title character Lola (Greta Gerwig). As she tries to make sense of her fiancรฉe’s last minute decision to pull the plug on their wedding and subsequent engagement. To assist her are her two devoted friends (Zoe Lister Jones and Hamish Linklater) and new-age parents (Diane Winger and Bill Pullman).