Spotlight Artist | Elenowen

For anyone who has questioned the validity of reality TV shows predicting or crowning the best crop of undiscovered talent, Elenowen are a prime example of why there are doubts. The mega-talented husband-wife duo, Josh and Nicole Johnson were dismissed from the first season of NBC’s “The Voice” well before the finals.

A sign that true talent is often unappreciated and ignored by the so called “search for the stars” type shows. Leaving “The Voice” hasn’t slowed down any of Elenowen’s ambitions though. After the show they made a self-titled EP and it is flawless. There isn’t one genre that defines the sound that they’ve created; a unique blend of indie rock, pop, country, folk and even a hint of blues.

The chemistry between the pair is electric and unlike acts where they are singing love songs, when there is no real love between the lead singers, Elenowen capture the magic and vulnerability of their romance, wearing it on their sleeve. The harmonies are pitched perfectly and the song-writing is exquisite, playing like the journal entries of two separate souls that are united together.

Opening the EP is the smooth “Flying for The First Time” that gently summons listeners into an oasis of melodic ease. The song’s message conveys what it sounds like, the feeling that things are finally falling into place for the first time.

 “Blood and Bones” is a soaring ballad with an edgy hook, a declaration of eternal love and a statement of devotion for a couple who are everything to one another. “Head to My Heart” serves as the perfect song to follow “Blood and Bones” as it similarly builds with a broiling cauldron of emotion before the steady beat of the chorus, another ravishing hook. 

“We Were Better Off” is a medley of regret and the realizations of the innocence that has been lost along the journey to growing up. There is a yearning omnipresent in the lyrics and instrumentation, an easily identifiable notion for those of us who have mourned better days gone by or rather the person we were back during that time, more idealistic about the world and its inhabitants.

Closing out the EP is “Bittersweet” a haunting slow burn, two souls circling the other. Acknowledging that each is the answer to all they’ve asked for and the potential ruin for everything they desire.

This is a sensational EP and with five songs, Elenowen demonstrates raw talent and a sincere mastery of the musical craft that is intoxicatingly poignant. If you hear this album and want more, check out their singles “There’s No Such Thing as Time” and “Honey Come Home”, both are magnificent songs that compliment everything they do with this EP. 

To listen and download the album, check out and for more up to minute news about Elenowen you can follow them on twitter @Elenowen

[Image by Elenowen]