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Spotlight Artist | Boardwalk Isabella

Bursting onto the scene with high-octane energy and surging with the ferocity of a gilded bygone era, Boardwalk Isabella is a rising, independent rock band hailing from the United Kingdom, formed in Devon, to be exact. Created in 2011 by singer-songwriter James C Hughes, the former bassist of New Wave, he has since amassed a group that includes Nathan Porter on lead guitar and Sarah Devonshire and Marie Thorpe as backing vocalists.

Spotlight Artist | The Sweet Remains

The Sweet Remains are, as the name of the band suggests, sweet. The trio’s gentle harmonies envelop listeners into the warm ambiance of love, in its purest form. While, quality love songs are hard to come by, The Sweet Remains have made more than their share of original and poignant contributions to the cause.

Their debut record ‘Laurel & Sunset’ from 2009 is a dreamy escape to tender romance through soliloquy filled lyricism. Enhancing the ability of the poignant lyrics to be heard is the trio’s crystallized vocal performances.

Spotlight Artist | Dead Sea Navigators

Dead Sea Navigators have a definitive voice and their songs are sparked with a fever of melodic foreboding. You can currently listen to 2 songs off of their recent EP Uncharted on Bandcamp. Among the tracks is “Actors”, a wily piano ballad masked in a dark, foreshadowing energy. “Crellin” is an emotional cauldron of bold instrumentation with a beautiful, piano based melody.

Spotlight Artist | Rosi Golan

Chances are that if you’ve been watching your favorite TV show and noticed an enchanting melody playing against the backdrop of one of your character’s most enthralling moments, you have been listening to the masterful work of Rosi Golan.

Spotlight Artist | Elenowen

For anyone who has questioned the validity of reality TV shows predicting or crowning the best crop of undiscovered talent, Elenowen are a prime example of why there are doubts. The mega-talented husband-wife duo, Josh and Nicole Johnson were dismissed from the first season of NBC’s “The Voice” well before the finals.

Spotlight Artist | Mikey Wax

Musician Mikey Wax is an accomplished pianist, guitarist, singer and songwriter. It is from these talents that he has accumulated a large and rabid fan base. His music has found a cozy home on the playlist of TV’s most popular shows. His song “In Case I Go Again” was recently featured on smash hit ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and during NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Spotlight Artist | Courtney Randall

From the moment you hear the voice of Courtney Randall; you can hear the promise and natural skill that clearly demonstrates the raw talent necessary to break through the glass ceiling of the music industry and into the big time. Randall is a singer/songwriter, who pens all of her own songs; the h…