Concert Review: Most Nights Tour (Fun. with Special Guests Tegan & Sara)

Some Nights Fun Album Art
The excitement in the air was more than palpable as a cool night breeze gave way to an exhilarating evening, filled with high energy performances, endearing crowd interaction, and a generally celebratory mood. The message of Fun’s signature song “We Are Young” definitely captured the spirit of a crowd that young and old had all joined together from different walks of life to imbibe in a night of cheery song.

As a result, Fun's concert had one of the most laid back and pleasant audiences I have had the pleasure to share a concert experience with. There were no fights, or harsh words exchanged in my vicinity. There was an openness and acceptance that made things very amiable. An audience can be one of the sole reasons to attend a live concert, as the kinetic energy that is shared among people joining together for a common source of entertainment, can elevate a listening event.

The opening act, Tegan & Sara was delightful throughout their entire set, and their enjoyment of performing was evident. They demonstrated natural ease on the stage and carried on a very humorous exchange between each other while including the audience.

Tegan & Sara also made it clear that they were not just going through the motions of shouting out to their current tour stop by making reference to their previous visit and seemed genuinely humbled by their success. They sounded great too.

To this point, the only song of theirs I knew really well was “Closer” and “I Was a Fool.”  Their set accomplished what tours are meant to; it brought intrigue to discover more of their music.

Fun was as energetic as one would expect, their high-wheeling spirit filling every frenetic beat. Opening with the intro rendition of “Some Nights,” they dove into “One Foot,” which the audience really responded to.

Fun frontman Nate Ruess’ wily and distinct vocals were indicative of a hipster philosopher spreading his inspirational message with vigor. His lack of verbose restraint was refreshing, and he didn’t hide his thrill at performing in front of such a big crowd. The reward of a dream finally realized and well earned.

“Why Am I the One” and “Carry On” were major highlights, and their arrangements proved to be the perfect mix of shaking up the original while keeping the nuances of the original. Guitarist Jack Antonoff displayed his fantastic guitar skills during an extended riff that dazzled.

A performance of “The Gambler” was divvied up after Nate Ruess, seemed to forget the words and in a charming brush off, dealt with it by handing the song off to Antonoff and fellow bandmate Andrew Dost, who also didn’t know the words. As a group they ended up finishing it off and it was an exemplary way to deal with an awkward situation.

When the time came for them to perform “We Are Young” it was all you could dream a live rendition to be. It was truly magical, there was high energy, perfectly executed instrumental interludes and the chorus of audience members singing along, bringing the camaraderie of a beautifully shared experience.

After a rousing rendition of The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” it was time for Fun. to exit the stage to prime the audience for the encore.

“Some Nights” would start the encore, and it was another invigorating performance. Ruess encouraged the audience to once again chime in, and the poignant power of the soulful smash really resonated with everyone.

Closing out the show was “Stars,” a quieter contrast to the high octane songs that had packed the evening. After that, the show with confetti adorned fans ended, leaving a fantasia filled blaze of glory.

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  1. I've always liked Teagan & Sarah! Would love to see them at some point. Actually saw "Sigur Ros" and Friday and it sort of blew my mind...

  2. Thanks for sharing your comment! Will have to check "Sigur Ros" out, love suggestions here at Eclectic Pop. Thanks again.


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