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Review: 'Game of Thrones' Live Concert Experience = Everything

Game of Thrones Sean Bean Eddard Ned Stark Sean Bean HBO
The “Game of Thrones” Concert is, as its title suggests, an experience, and an absolute must-see for “Game of Thrones” fans. For over two hours, fans are swept away to the Seven Kingdoms, enjoying a jaunt to The Wall, King’s Landing, Westeros, Essos, and Winterfell, all without leaving their seats.

Concert Review: Imagine Dragons

After a rainstorm and the threat of worse weather, Imagine Dragons stormed onto the stage with a riveting presence. The rockers played to a packed, sizable venue and delivered a punch without utilizing pyrotechnics, instead opting for high-flying acrobatics that might make Pink blush.

Imagine Dragons have immense stage acumen and it is not lost on their fans. Looking around, there were people despite, being drenched in the rain who still had smiles on their faces, remaining undeterred to take in a fabulous show.

Concert Review: Trial By Fire

Performing a show where you cover the legendary Journey is no easy task. Journey has one of the most iconic legacies in arena rock, a perennial favorite among many music fans with a catalog that spans a myriad of smash hits. Journey's legacy is expansive and their sound is so recognizable that covering them is a dangerous risk to take because failing to meet the mark could prove a critical mistake.

Concert Review: Most Nights Tour (Fun. with Special Guests Tegan & Sara)

Some Nights Fun Album Art
The excitement in the air was more than palpable as a cool night breeze gave way to an exhilarating evening, filled with high energy performances, endearing crowd interaction, and a generally celebratory mood. The message of Fun’s signature song “We Are Young” definitely captured the spirit of a crowd that young and old had all joined together from different walks of life to imbibe in a night of cheery song.