Fall/Winter TV's Best New Bets: CBS


Toni Collette (“The United States of Tara”) and Dylan McDermott (“American Horror Story”) go head to head in this cat-and-mouse, political thriller. Collette plays a doctor, whose family is held hostage by terrorists who threaten to kill them if she doesn’t fatally operate on the President.

There’s no question it is an interesting set-up for a thriller however, as a full blown series, the plot could grow very weak. This would’ve been better as a mini-series. Streamlining the storyline and having confirmed character direction would’ve been much more attainable.
Premiere Date: September 23, 2013 – Airs Mondays @ 10 p.m.

"The Crazy Ones"

Robin Williams returns to TV and has brought Sarah Michelle Gellar with him. Williams stars as an ad executive who works alongside his ambitious daughter. The plot of ad agencies has long been one of the most common TV character careers and serving as the main story point, the machinations could grow tiring rather quickly.

If the heart of the show remains the father/daughter dynamic it could be heartwarming to watch. David E. Kelly, the mind behind “The Practice” is serving as the Showrunner and he knows how to balance personal stories with the professional.

Premiere Date: September 26, 2013 – Airs Thursdays @ 9 p.m.


Josh Holloway (“Lost”) finally gets to be where he belongs, as the leading actor of this action-adventure series. He stars as a man who is a government operative who has a micro-chip implanted in his brain.

Hopefully, this isn’t a dark version of NBC’s “Chuck”. The plot is intriguing and Holloway, a fan favorite on “Lost”, is finally getting a chance to show off his chops in a role that seems perfectly written for him. Megan Ory (Red, “Once Upon a Time”) co-stars. Viewers will have to wait a while longer for this one as it has a mid-season order.

Premiere Date: Mid-season, February 24, 2014 – Airs Mondays

"Bad Teacher"

A TV adaptation of the hit movie of the same name, the foundation is set for an edgy comedy. The R-rated humor in the film will be hard to translate to network TV. Let alone, for the often tame CBS.

It’s a departure for the network and if handled correctly, could be prove to a smash. Ari Graynor takes the reins as the bold and morally corrupt teacher, named Meredith in this version. Graynor has long been simmering as one of independent films, best comedians. Her leading status is well deserved.

Premiere Date: Mid-season 2014

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