Top 25 Film Thrills & Chills: #25 - #20

Introducing, the Top 25 Film Thrills and Chills, a list of unorthodox thrillers or “scary” movies, that should leave you on the edge of your seat. This list is not composed to reflect the all-time scariest movies, rather an eclectic guide through both the more notoriously frightening fare and some of the lesser known, anxiety-riddled tales.

It runs the gamut of suspense -- from the paranormal to the glaringly obvious psycho villains, to the more subtlety lethal threats. Prepare to be scared…

#25: The Caller (2011)

This was a fun indie thriller starring Rachelle Lefevre as a woman who begins getting terrifying phone calls from a disturbed woman. The setup makes for a huge creep factor and the mystery surrounding the frightening phone calls is intriguing. You have to stick with this one, as the pace is a tad slow in the beginning, the payoff makes it a worthwhile wait.

Anchored by a charismatic performance by Lefevre, she makes you care about what happens to her character and the burgeoning relationship with her love interest played by Stephen Moyer. It provides some cleverly effective chills.

#24: Hideaway (1995)

Based on the 1992 novel by Dean Koontz, "Hideaway" is a disconcerting jaunt into the supernatural. It tells the tale of a family man, Hatch (Jeff Goldblum), who miraculously comes back to life after dying in a car accident. Unfortunately, coming back to life carries some unfortunate side effects, something Hatch quickly realizes.

Goldblum’s quirky screen presence and vivid expressions keep the film from falling into campiness. The horror factor still resonates many years later and Jeremy Sisto’s performance as the film’s psycho is memorably villainous.

#23: The Pact (2007)

A little known treasure in the indie circuit, "The Pact" might be destined for cult status eventually. The film requires some patience as it gets off to a slow start. Once it gets rolling it does not let up, eventually finding a smooth momentum. Caity Lotz plays a woman who has come back to her childhood home to settle her family’s estate after her mother’s death.

What happens while she is staying at the house is a series of chilling events. The film deftly toys with the mind of viewers as it leaves the reason behind the terror, unknown. Is it supernatural or human? There's only one way to find out.

#22: The Night Flier (1997)

Miguel Ferrer stars as a tabloid journalist who goes on the hunt for a killer traveling by airplane to his next victim, in this adaptation of Stephen King’s short story. While the graphics are gory, it is the tension building to the reveal that excels the movie past horror clichรฉ.

Ferrer’s performance is tenacious and his charm sustains some of the slower aspects that build throughout the mystery, keeping us engaged throughout. The grotesque appearance of the vampire is incredibly difficult to look at. Making a scary creature is half the battle for a horror flick and “The Night Flier” definitely succeeds with the challenge.

#21: My Bloody Valentine (2009)

A remake of the 1981 horror film of the same name. This version is sharp with some spooky scares. The mystery in the film is its greatest asset though. Shot in 3D, the cinematography adds an absorption factor that involves the audience, making the story come alive. This is the case whether you see it in 3D or not.

Without giving anything away, plot wise, there are some crafty twists and turns that make this film stand apart from typical thriller clichรฉ. While Jensen Ackles and Jamie King were heavily billed as the stars, look out for the performances of Kerr Smith and Megan Boone, they are marvelous.

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