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TV Review: Netflix's 'Unsolved Mysteries' Premiere Starts Strong

If you grew up watching the original “Unsolved Mysteries,” then you are probably familiar with the eerie feeling that would come as the show's iconic music played viewers in and out of an episode. Netflix's reboot keeps that tradition going with its shocking series premiere, which centers o…

Is 'Knives Out' Worthy Of All The Hype? It's Now On Amazon Prime

To say I had measured expectations headings into “Knives Out” would be an understatement. I did not head into it with claws out or anything. However, the idea that this movie with an all-star cast could possibly rise to the occasion of being decent, let alone above average, seemed to be a pipe drea…

Review: Netflix's 'White Lines' Season 1 Satisfyingly Blurs Them All

What is love, lust, closure, revenge, and justice? In Season 1 of Netflix’s edgy and intriguing “White Lines,” it is a messy mirage. “Money Heist” creator, Alex Pina, goes for the jugular with a vivid and visceral sun-kissed offering that is sensual, sensational, and downright addictive.
Season 1 o…

'The Trial' Ending On Netflix Explained: Was Linda Monaco Guilty?

“The Trial” (“Il Processo”) is the absorbing courtroom drama now streaming on Netflix. At the heart of the series is a dizzying amount of interpersonal dynamics that weave into a crime story riddled with boiling points and explosive personalities. As you can imagine, it all leads to a nail-biting …

Movie Review: Netflix's 'The Silence Of The Marsh' Lands Quietly

An intriguing crime drama turned curious offshoot of the author-writing-a-novel sub-genre; “The Silence of the Marsh” (“El Silencio del Pantano”) delivers something unexpected. Viewers are left to wonder what is real and written. A departure from the hope that a straight-up crime thriller lays in …

Netflix Movie Review: 'Twin Murders: The Silence Of The White City'

Confession: I could watch thrillers all day long. They are that engaging. One of my only issues with Netflix is that it does not have a more abundant supply. Cue “Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City” (“El Silencio de la Ciudad Blanca”), and you have at least one more entry into what should…

TV Review: Is 'The Crime' ('Zbrodnia') Worth Solving On Netflix?

The Crime Zbrodnia Agnieszka Lubczynska Magdalena Boczarska Technik Wojciech Cyplik Monika Krajewska Joanna Kulig
“The Crime” (“Zbrodnia”) gets off to a contemplative start in its Season 1 premiere as it gradually builds around a murder case that rocks the quaint Polish town of Hel. Tomek (Wojciech Cyplik) is a sleep-deprived detective wading through the onset (or aftermath) of a divorce from his wife.