Top 25 Remaining Movies of 2013 | Part 5

#21: Philomena

Steve Coogan stars as a journalist trying to help a woman (Judi Dench) find the son she was forced to give up for adoption many decades ago. Coogan is always a treat as both a comedian (“Alan Partridge”) and a dramatic actor (“The Look of Love”), his charisma is capable of buoying quite a bit. Fortunately, the set-up doesn’t sound like it will need to rely on that completely.

Seeing Coogan play opposite Dench is also bolstering anticipation, as they embark on a heartfelt reunion/quasi-road trip. “Philomena” posses the makings of a magical interlude.
Release Date: November 27 (Wide Release) - Read Eclectic Pop's Review, here

#22: Out of the Furnace

It’s a story about family and loyalty set against the backdrop of Rust Belt Pennsylvania. When a man’s (Christian Bale) brother (Casey Affleck) goes missing, he suspects foul play and vows revenge on his quest for answers. Scott Cooper is no stranger to gritty dramas or powerful actors, having directed Jeff Bridges to his Oscar win for “Crazy Heart”.

Bale’s ferocious spirit and determination will be on full display in this thriller. The versatile talents of Woody Harrelson are also being given a deserving platform. Between Bale and Harrelson this is poised to be an explosive stage for their talents and a thrilling ride for viewers. Release Date: December 6 -  Read Eclectic Pop's Review, here

#23: Inside Llewyn Davis

The folk scene gets a treatment by the Coen Brothers. Taking place in the time span of a week, the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961 is explored through the eyes of the titular Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac), an idealist ready for his big break. The life of a musician is a flourishing landscape for exploration. Investigating what this musician is faced with, in terms of his dreams and their reality, is an interesting character study.

This particular character and time period provides an intriguing backdrop. The folk scene in the 60’s was witnessing the heavy influence of the beatnik generation hence, the politically charged poetic lyricism of the time. The sure to be stellar score only adds to the anticipation. Release Date: December 20

#24: American Hustle

David O. Russell is back with his follow-up to the overrated “Silver Linings Playbook”. The story is a tad convoluted. To break down the gist, a con man (Christian Bale) and his sly partner (Amy Adams) are forced to work for the FBI by a wily agent (Bradley Cooper) to uncover a corruption scandal.

The cast is a huge selling feature; Bale, Adams, Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lawrence, all in the same movie, is definitely a good sign. Whether the promising nature of the film results in something great or is an elaborate hustle; only time will tell. Release Date: December 20

#25: The Wolf of Wall Street

The rise & fall of successful stockbroker, Jordan Belfort is brought to the silver screen. Leonardo DiCaprio continues his mission to claim the golden man statue, known as Oscar, by going back to basics. He's heading back to the biopic route and re-teaming with longtime directing collaborator, Martin Scorsese, who led him to his career-best performance in “The Aviator”.

All of the pieces; a well-received script (written by Terence Winter), a phenomenal cast and the legendary Scorsese at the helm, indicate the makings of a standout film. Even if the Academy, inevitably ignores it; audiences have something to look forward to with this one. Release Date: December 25 - Read Eclectic Pop's Review, here

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