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Top 25 Remaining Movies of 2013 | Part 5

#21: Philomena

Steve Coogan stars as a journalist trying to help a woman (Judi Dench) find the son she was forced to give up for adoption many decades ago. Coogan is always a treat as both a comedian (“Alan Partridge”) and a dramatic actor (“The Look of Love”), his charisma is capable of buoying quite a bit. Fortunately, the set-up doesn’t sound like it will need to rely on that completely.

Seeing Coogan play opposite Dench is also bolstering anticipation, as they embark on a heartfelt reunion/quasi-road trip. “Philomena” posses the makings of a magical interlude.
Release Date: November 27 (Wide Release) - Read Eclectic Pop's Review, here

Top 25 Remaining Movies of 2013 | Part 4

#16: The Counselor

Based on an original screenplay by Cormac McCarthy, ‘The Counselor’ finds a lawyer (Michael Fassbender) caught in the crosshairs of a drug trafficking crisis. It is an interesting premise given the often saintly presentation of the law profession. As with "Prisoners", an amazing cast brings expectations to a deafening level.

Led by Fassbender, it also stars Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Goran Visnjic to name a few. The thriller is directed by one of the masters of tension, Ridley Scott and has the potential to receive some awards attention. When the script went out, everyone in Hollywood was vying to be a part of it. They seemed to believe it was something special, audiences will know if they’re right soon enough. Release Date: October 25

Top 25 Remaining Movies of 2013 | Part 3

#11: Prisoners

When his daughter and a friend’s daughter go missing simultaneously, a father (Hugh Jackman) decides to kidnap the man he suspects is responsible. After years of pre-production holdup and a virtual revolving door of leading actors, ‘Prisoners’ is finally coming to the big screen. As a crime thriller, this should not be confused with the action thriller ‘Taken’; this is a cerebral piece, a psychological tete-a-tete between a desperate father and a possible psychopath.

Top 25 Remaining Movies of 2013 | Part 2

#6: Lovelace

Amanda Seyfried stars in this biopic of adult film star Linda Lovelace, focusing on her tumultuous, to say the least, relationship with her husband, Chuck Traynor, played by Peter Sarsgaard. The buzz for this movie has sizzled and fizzled since its debut at the Sundance Film Festival.

The middling reception of the overall movie withstanding, this is a make-or-break role for Seyfried whose hot streak since 'Mama Mia!' has since, seen interest in her career wane. One could hope she’ll re-establish herself with what appears from the trailer, to be a brave performance. It is rather apparent that 'Boogie Nights' is the mark they’re trying to hit, how close they come to that very high standard will be up to movie-goers to decide. Release Date: August 9

Top 25 Remaining Movies of 2013 | Part 1

Introducing, Eclectic Pop’s Top 25 Remaining Movies of 2013. Each week Eclectic Pop will post 5 new titles in order of their release date and a short description to help you judge for yourself.

#1: The Wolverine Hugh Jackman returns as the titular character, marking his 5th film in the role. While o…