See It or Free It: 'The Blacklist'

Truly one of the best new shows of the fall season. The pilot was fantastic and James Spader delivers a performance that is edgily brilliant, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Spader is in a rare league, an actor capable of spinning an elaborate web of such convincing charm that it is impossible to decipher his next move.

The premise is slick and stylistic; it definitely sidesteps the pitfalls of procedural purgatory, where character development can sometimes be stunted by the focus on the crime of the week.

The characters are all intriguing and the mystery at its core about the connection of Red and Agent Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) shows no signs of turning stale anytime soon. Of course, it would be nice to resolve the mystery of Keene and Red’s link in the first season, as it could get worn out eventually.

Megan Boone holds her own against Spader, giving a spunky and determined portrayal of the hard boiled agent. She gives an air of mystery and intrigue while, also giving the audience a sense that you are seeing all of her cards. An intriguing aspect to the show is the inclusion of the Keen character having a husband, Tom (Ryan Eggold).

Eggold and Boone have a good chemistry and it is refreshing to have a young and devoted husband and wife actually be presented on a show, where most times they are relegated to a one off episode in which one of the spouses either dies or cheats, therefore ending the marriage. It’s these nuances that add something personal to the setup.

Episodes Aired: 3

See It or Free It: See It, for all of the reasons above. “The Blacklist” is a procedural that elevates itself past its competition with compelling storytelling and performances.