See It or Free It: 'The Tomorrow People'

The pilot was sharp and struck all of the vital components that surround an origin story for a supernaturally based series. The lead character, Stephen (Robbie Amell), is highly likable as an everyday guy with bigger than life problems.

Those problems are boiled down in a relatable fashion for viewers. He’s an outsider at school, a good son, frustrated older brother and a student with street smarts. A truly likable lead is a tough commodity to secure and “The Tomorrow People” has excelled in finding that key component.

The ensemble is very well cast as a whole. Led by newcomer Robbie Amell, he shows a lot of potential in the lead role with loads of charisma. Peyton List (“As the World Turns”) is alluring as the mysterious female lead, Cara.

Another standout was Aaron Yoo, who brought the right mix of humor the show needed for extra levity. Mark Pellegrino is convincing as the villainous head of the anti-super organization. Luke Mitchell also had a strong showing as John, Cara's love interest and a possible rival to Stephen.

The special effects looked great and were not overused. Overall, it struck the right balance and the show as a whole presented with major potential.

Episodes Aired: 1

See It or Free It: See It, it’s a fun ride in the vein of most CW vehicles with a little more charm than most.