Spotlight Artist | Dead Sea Navigators

Dead Sea Navigators have a definitive voice and their songs are sparked with a fever of melodic foreboding. You can currently listen to 2 songs off of their recent EP Uncharted on Bandcamp. Among the tracks is “Actors”, a wily piano ballad masked in a dark, foreshadowing energy. “Crellin” is an emotional cauldron of bold instrumentation with a beautiful, piano based melody.

There are some live tracks also available on Bandcamp, “Funeral in Berlin” is spooky and the grand sounds of the song are reminiscent to the era of high octane power ballads that were tantamount to the 80’s prolific catalog. “Annka” once again taps into an ominous tone that builds into a chorus that is as entrancing as it is majestically enigmatic.  

On the aforementioned tracks you’ll find a band that displays tremendous promise and a musical poignancy that is aided with a gloomy atmospheric expression. Dead Sea Navigators successfully plummet, the seas of pensive emotion and meditative reflection. Their music has the ability to transform your current mood, sending you into the distant cosmos of another head space.

One that is filled with mystique and brimming with vivid artistry. Their theatricality makes for a provocative and edgy, listening experience that brings a fog filled night, rolling into your consciousness. The music’s ability to capture the sentient imagination is what propels, Dead Sea Navigator’s sound into a frenzied and exciting frontier.

To learn about all of the latest happenings with the Dead Sea Navigators you can follow them on twitter @DeadSeaNavgtrs and to listen to the tracks mentioned, you can check out their profile on Bandcamp

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