Nina Yasmineh: Seven Years (EP Review)

Nina Yasmineh’s EP, ‘Seven Years’, is an ethereal journey into existential self-discovery. The 4 track EP emits a storm of emotion that is rich in artistry. Yasmineh displays a passionate verve with her vibrant lyricism and sentient vocals. The genesis of the EP is the titular “Seven Years”. A powerful piano centered melody, elementally anchors the song, setting off its intrinsic tone. It’s a personal anthem that proclaims acceptance of one’s inner self.

“Extremes” is a break-up song that effectively draws the portrait of a tattered relationship that has seen its share of ups and downs. The strain surrounding the decline of the relationship leads to revelations about the paramour’s true nature. There is something palatably raw about this gripping vignette as it delves deeper into the personal conflicts that are at stake.

“Name” brings liveliness to the atmosphere of the EP, by spinning a tapestry of lyrical spunk. The lyrics, “you want to stay young forever/I want a good name”, are especially thought provoking. Ending the EP is the stirring “Hurricane Drops”. The relaxing pace allows for a nascent listening experience that evokes a wave of ambient splendor. 

This brief yet memorable EP is an impressive venture. ‘Seven Years’ elicits an earthiness reminiscent of its verdant cover art. Yasmineh has touched on something, truly forthright in her lyricism and the haunting nature of the music’s majestic pulse is grippingly effective. 

‘Seven Years’ is currently available on Bandcamp.