The Wild Young Hearts: Pretty Girls (EP Review)

The Wild Young Hearts bring their west coast swagger to an EP filled with the infectious warmth of the California sun. There is a rollicking and self-assured keenness that shines throughout the aptly titled, ‘Pretty Girls’ EP. ‘Pretty Girls’ is filled with a spunk and liveliness that courses throughout its entire duration.

Beginning with a dazzling piano melody in the strictly instrumental, “Interlude”, the EP kicks off with a steady musicality. “Caroline” is a punkish endeavor that’s cheeky lyrics emit a startling charm. It's reminiscent of the era of 60's surfer rock, with a modernized twist.

“What We Know is Wrong” features Real J. Wallace and the colorful language adds a fiery layer to its sociopolitical statement. The contrast of what is said and what is actually articulated, is craftily conveyed with sarcastically tinged lyrics that clearly conveys the desired message. 

“Sleep” swings with loquacious ease and exuberance, a song just as much about love as it is about frustration towards a paramour, who has left no signs of returning. “Skin and Bones” is dark and whimsical, an angst riddled declaration of love. The hook is especially catchy and the desire expressed lyrically, to see every ounce of this person, everything down to their “skin and bones” is an intriguing way to declare affection without an overabundance of schmaltz.

The Wild Young Hearts capture all of the elements that the name of the band declares. Their wild musicality, youth fueled brooding and heartfelt enthusiasm, comes through with breezy appeal, ‘Pretty Girls’ is pretty fabulous. 

‘Pretty Girls’ is currently available on Bandcamp.