Spotlight Artist | The Sweet Remains

The Sweet Remains are, as the name of the band suggests, sweet. The trio’s gentle harmonies envelop listeners into the warm ambiance of love, in its purest form. While, quality love songs are hard to come by, The Sweet Remains have made more than their share of original and poignant contributions to the cause.

Their debut record ‘Laurel & Sunset’ from 2009 is a dreamy escape to tender romance through soliloquy filled lyricism. Enhancing the ability of the poignant lyrics to be heard is the trio’s crystallized vocal performances.

From ‘Laurel & Sunset’ are 5 distinct tracks that are emphatic examples of musical beauty, “Moving in Slow Motion” is a tranquil reflection on a blossoming relationship that has overcome a geographical distance. The harmonies on this song are especially strong.

“Dance with Me” is one of those gentle ballads that is so tender and refined that you can practically hear the gentle craftsmanship that went into creating it. Beginning with the lyrics, “This old house is cracked in worn/the walls are faded and the curtains torn”, this clever rhyme eloquently paints the picture of the song’s surroundings with effectively vivid illustration. As a result, conjuring its appearance is an easy task. It’s a romantically breezy listen.

The vocal performances are what actually create the splendid melody behind “Leading Me Home”, a breathy ballad that evokes sublime sentiments. “Spark” is an enchanting slow burn that encompasses the ecstasy quotient of romance with flair and quiet reflection.

“Easy” is a harmonious slice of music, transporting listeners on a beachy sojourn that relaxes the soul. Lastly, there is “So Lonely” which features a whimsical ambiance that takes a sonically serene approach.

The Sweet Remains help the soul unwind and in doing so, they capture a musical magic that is a gateway to mental paradise. You can listen to the songs discussed above on The Sweet Remains’ MySpace and for the latest news you can follow them on Twitter @thesweetremains

Special thanks: I was first introduced to The Sweet Remains years ago, listening to Mike’s Top 5 Must Downloads via @DJMikeMorse