Interview with Doodah Farm

Doodah Farm is the rambunctious band, behind such boisterous tunes as “Round the Clock” and “Twenty 1”. In this interview they discuss what inspires them, some of their goals, and give some background on how the band came together.

Eclectic Pop: Doodah Farm is such a unique name for a band; how did it come about?

Mark: I was working in this house up the top end of town and it was sprayed on the back door, and I just thought boss name for a band that!!
Stevie: Next day we end up at the same VD clinic and the rest is history
Mark: haha Ye that sounds about right

Would you share the backstory of how the band came together?

Ste: Me and Mark go way back!
Mark: Not like that tho[ugh]! We’ve both been gigging for years in bands. We just happened to bump into each other again, and it kicked off from there really. I knew Joe loved playing with ‘little instruments’ so I asked him if he wanted in, and Jordon just turned up one day and said he was the drummer…what can you say to that…. the lads got it!!
Ste: And I said son I’ll make you a star seeee!!
Jordan: Look at me now…boss drummer in a boss band…Happy Days!!!   

What inspires you as musicians?

Joe: Playing live an seeing people dancing around to your tunes deffo inspires me, its boss in it.
Mark: Ye the reaction at the gigs has been amazing some funny antics, nice one to everyone who’s seen us this year yous are ace we can’t tell you how much it means to us.
Ste: Ye big love to all the people who have come out to see us loved the gigs but the studios been good too, Andy (Fernihough) from crash who we did the demos with is great at getting the sounds out of my head and down on tape…give me room for some new tunes to start brewing!! That's what’s inspiring me personally.
Jordan: It has been boss in the studio, I’m excited to start recording the single next year now can’t wait to get back in there! 

Who would you say has been the band’s most significant musical influence?

Ste: I don't think you could narrow it down to just one band or style to be honest we just sound like us.
Mark: Its right I don't know if that sounds arrogant or not but were all into proper different styles of music so you have your own little take on things
Joe: Ste just brings the tunes into praccy and we Doodah them up a bit and that's what we sound like
Jordan: I like good music these three like the same tunes as me dad…nuff said I think haha
Ste: Funny isn’t he….wait till I see you later sunshine.

There is definitely a folksy aura that composes some of Doodah Farm’s sound, is there a particular genre you guys are striving for?

Joe: There’s definitely folk in there! But I don’t think there is a particular genre we are after, we just stripped back to the instruments with not too many effects. 
Ste: I like the folk sound in fact it’s f***** boss! I love it, all them rebel bands the Pouges, the Wolftones!! Plus the mandolin is just a great sounding instrument and the banjo they play themselves and that's the sounds they want to make.
Joe: Says him who just picks up any instrument and gets a tune on it
Ste: The Folk is deffo in there you can’t deny it.
Mark: It’s definitely true but I’d like to get some strings and brass on the go in the studio as well maybe some piano…widescreen for the studio and sweaty and rockin’ when we play live.

Is there a particular thing that propels song inspiration?

Joe: Ye[s]’s called Stevie       
Ste: When I’m writing I’m just trying to write something interesting, with a bit of a story you know not just another boring song about nothing. Give it a good melody, keep it moving, nice backbeat from Jord and we’re away.                                      
Mark: The new tunes were learning at the minute are great, can’t wait to start playing them live proper foot stompers.    

If your music could be played in any movie, past or future; what would it be and why?

Joe: O’ Brother Where Art Thou. Ace film and we are all men of constant sorrow!
Ste: Chopper!! Great film man
Mark: Dunno Should do a new Roadrunner and get our tune on it
Jord: “Jimmy (The Ballad of Jimmy Jones)” in something by the Coen Brothers would be cool.

One of my favorite songs of yours is “Walk The Moon”, it’s heavily harmonica driven. Is that an instrument you’re particularly fond of?

Ste: Ye who doesn’t?? It gives a rawness to the tunes, gives us that rootsy blues sound.
Mark: Love the harmonica!! It gives you little raucous bursts! Explosions of blue notes all over the tunes.
Ste: and its good coz I can hang it round me neck and still play me guitar

Two years from now, where do you hope your music will have carried you?

Ste: Around the world and back, skint and with some sort of STD!
Joe: and if that doesn’t happen, some sort of tour would be quite cool, a load of different venues get the tunes out to new people
Mark: Hopefully have an album done and released by then and be getting out on a proper tour, see the world la….haha or at least Europe
Jordan: Sounds good to me

Eclectic Pop would like to thank Doodah Farm for taking the time to do this interview and wish them well on their future endeavors. To keep up with all of the latest on Doodah Farm you can follow them on Twitter @DoodahFarm & on Facebook (click for the link). To hear the latest you can check them out on Soundcloud (click for the link)