Spotlight Artist | Boardwalk Isabella

Bursting onto the scene with high-octane energy and surging with the ferocity of a gilded bygone era, Boardwalk Isabella is a rising, independent rock band hailing from the United Kingdom, formed in Devon, to be exact. Created in 2011 by singer-songwriter James C Hughes, the former bassist of New Wave, he has since amassed a group that includes Nathan Porter on lead guitar and Sarah Devonshire and Marie Thorpe as backing vocalists.

The band recently welcomed the talents of Jill Humphries on piano, Steve Tanton on the drums, George Thomas as rhythm guitarist and a brass section that includes Jade Alicia Gall and Adrian Gibson.

Later this year, Boardwalk Isabella will be releasing their debut album, “Headed for the Promised Land” and if what has been released thus far is any indication, it is sure to entail, a plethora of sonic verve and frenetic spirit.

The band’s debut single, “The Resurrection Man”, kicks into gear with the scorching fervor of glamour rock, swift with a furiously groovy guitar. It’s a party anthem on steroids and the lyrical content imbues the single with a flurry of high voltage energy that is reminiscent of the swaggering style of the 60-80’s. 

Along with “The Resurrection Man”, fans can currently check out snippets of “Oh the Ground was Hard”, a striking foot stomper, wrapped in abundant funk. “The World is a Mirror” a Beatles-esque romp that is filled to the brim with frenzied charm. “Open Your Heart” which slows things down to magnificent effect in a lovely melodic swirl of harmonious glee, is especially endearing.

“Jump Your Bones” amps things back up with psychedelic revelry and in closing; you can find a taste of “Freedom (Step Up My Desire)” which is a retro track that throws back to disco by sprinkling in the added fusion of some gospel-soul. 

Boardwalk Isabella is poised to storm the stage of 2014 with their assorted blend of sonic pleasures. To listen to the songs mentioned above, you can check out ReverbNation. To keep track of all of the band’s latest happenings you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and their official website.

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