Song of the Week: 'Ghost' by Nina Yasmineh

Following up on last year's sublime EP “Seven Years”, Nina Yasmineh is back with a new single, “Ghost”, a poignant jaunt into the painful world of a crumbling relationship. Where that might be a musical rut for others, Yasmineh only uses it as an overall framework, to take a more decidedly evocative turn, as a tale of romantic existentialism. Speaking to the magnetic and hypnotizing quandaries, a relationship with a person can evoke in one’s life and acknowledging rationality isn’t always possible.

Yasmineh utilizes a vein of spoken word poetry to lay the lyrics bare for investigation, while the melodious backdrop is decidedly pop with a twist of spunk, you’ll be hard pressed to find it in your typical, Top 40 arrangement. The lyrical recurrence of “I can’t win it all” is a theme that runs throughout and is an honest observation that comes across, as much as a resignation, as it does a self-revelation.

Yasmineh allows for deeper lyrical exploration as the singer-songwriter’s words are discernibly heard with a musical accompaniment that never overpowers, instead amplifying the prose with ubiquitous beauty. Her vocal styling brings a soulful energy to its darkened and contemplative spirit, solidifying its atmosphere.

“Ghost” has an edge that cuts into the mind and heart equally, deriving a philosophical infinity. Ethereal synths that feel natural and not overproduced, allows for an authentically moody listening experience. With lines like “It's not someone you can betray in the late night games/It's not some passing phase”, “Ghost” assures it will be haunting your repeat button.

 You can listen by clicking here