Concert Review: Imagine Dragons

After a rainstorm and the threat of worse weather, Imagine Dragons stormed onto the stage with a riveting presence. The rockers played to a packed, sizable venue and delivered a punch without utilizing pyrotechnics, instead opting for high-flying acrobatics that might make Pink blush.

Imagine Dragons have immense stage acumen and it is not lost on their fans. Looking around, there were people despite, being drenched in the rain who still had smiles on their faces, remaining undeterred to take in a fabulous show.

As with any concert, the spirits of those around you can make all of the difference and when it came to this concert, there was no exception. Every audience member knew all of the lyrics to every song and in an eclectic mix of college aged kids; hipsters, geeks and every social variety in between, it was clear that the message Imagine Dragons has been delivering, has made its mark with a remarkable reception. Their words, regarded with the reverence of proverbs, created an energy that was electrifying. Fans held their hands in the air, as if to touch the majestic pulses surging from the stage.

By the time the band’s signature smash “Radioactive” was performed; the crowd was in a reasonable frenzy and an elongated version complete with the giant drums, seen during countless award show performances, thumped through the audience in waves. Heads shook back and forth, while band frontman Dan Reynolds was suspended in the air, via a harness banging on a drum.

The mood turned somewhat tranquil during “Demons” and with every word being repeated by audience members, it was moving to take a step back and look into a crowd, filled with such tangible exhuberance. With all of their passion, they helped bring the “Night Visions” tour to life.

Another highlight, “On Top of the World” never sounded better than in this live performance, as every “hey” was chanted in unison. The rest of the set-list was met with equal vigor.

There wasn’t a single bad performance and in an abbreviated set, due to weather conditions, they played their hearts out in a show that encapsulated, triple the content with raw verve. The band just kicked off their new tour; “Into the Night” and if you can see them, it’s worth doing.

When I saw them, it was during the “Night Visions” tour, last summer. They were just about to break into the big time and you could feel it. The thing is, even though they were on the verge of exploding, they played like it’d happened eons ago, the mark of true showmen.