Sonic Assembly: Eliza Neals, The Palace Wolves & Billy Shaddox

Eliza Neals, 'Misery'

Based out of Detroit, singer-songwriter Eliza Neals’ soulful voice is the key instrument for her firebrand version of blues-fueled tunes. Producing a retro time warp, Neal’s song catalogue hits its mark by fusing rock and old school Motown into a steady stream of musical harmony.

Her foxy single “Misery” is the perfect illustration of her gift to boldly capture a golden era, ushering it back to life with the opening, sound effect of a crackling record spinning.

Where Neals’ succeeds most is in the authenticity of her sound, which is an unyielding send-up to the music that clearly influenced her. Utilizing, a stroke of gospel here and a hard line of rock, elsewhere, she is at no risk for a genre stalemate. Keeping her sound remarkably fresh with theatrical waves of saucy sentiments, Neals’ is a hardcore artist, who obviously knows what she wants from her music and she gets it.

Her new album “Messin with a Fool” is currently available on iTunes. You can check out even more from her on SoundCloud. To keep up to date with all of her latest happenings, you can follow her on Twitter @ElizaNealsRocks

The Palace Wolves, '12'

Incorporating rock with a twist of synth-pop, The Palace Wolves have a rich sound which, radiates with musical dexterity that charges forward with a breadth of electrically melodic, ambition and vocals that are boldly sentient. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia; the group is composed of Ryan Pace and Shannon Small (both on vocals, guitar and keys), Matt Katis (on programming and keys) while, Ryan Pincott of The Cornerstones is the band’s ace drummer.

Their debut EP ‘12’ is a delight, filled with stylish instrumentation and exuberant flourishes. The electronically groovy, “Girl from Mars” is a prime display of the band’s foray into the hazy universe of alternative rock.

The following track “Lights That Fade” is a powerful number with big sounds that cogitate with a piercing energy that surges with infinite emotion playing as a sonic escape route that never takes a bad detour. 

You can listen to the group’s debut EP on SoundCloud and to keep up with all of the group's latest news and updates, you can follow them on Twitter @ThePalaceWolves

Billy Shaddox, 'Golden Fate'

With a folksy whimsy and mountain mystique, Billy Shaddox captures a musical quality that is exceptionally homey. His gentle vocals provide a soothing pathos for sincere ruminations on love and life’s other interludes. The singer-songwriter-guitarist’s latest album ‘Golden Fate’ is just that golden, an indie confection which, weaves together tinges of Country with the genre’s trademark storytelling inclinations and the soul searching wisdom of Americana.

Opening up ‘Golden Fate’ is the track “I Believe”, which introduces listeners into a melody of upbeat frolic. The fourth track, “Far to Find” is a mellow, tranquil reflection on a journey for love. Shaddox’s guitar work compliments such tender lyricism as, “All I want is a reminder of the love I’ve traveled so far to find”, without ever overshadowing his words. The album is a must-listen, clearly sewn together with an attention to detail, as it naturally progresses from song to song with nary a seam out of place, a golden fate.

You can listen to Billy Shaddox’s album ‘Golden Fate’ on BandCamp and to keep up with all of his latest news, you can follow him on Twitter @BillyShaddox