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Eclectic Pop's Top 10 Most-Read Posts of 2014

As another year on Eclectic Pop comes to an end, take a look back at the top 10 most read posts of 2014. Among the topics that got readers the most excited was the new music feature "Sonic Assembly", the television series “Reign” and “Fargo” and one of Fall's most buzzed about movies,…

Sonic Assembly: Dirty Cakes Band, High/Low, Tom Mitchell & Dead Sea Navigators

Dirty Cakes Band | Out of Los Angeles, California comes the Dirty Cakes Band, a group that’s self-described “psychedelic desert grunge” composes the nostalgic sounds of their EP ‘Never Alone’. A throaty vocalization breathes life into the titular single, a tune that starts timidly before indulging …

Sonic Assembly: Singles Edition: Nina Baker, The Fireflys, Stage Republic & Wullae Wright

Nina Baker

From the charming album ‘Quite Frankly’ comes Baker’s latest single, “Bruising”. Its inventive music video showcases the day in the life of an ordinary person whose life takes an unexpected turn. Shot in black and white, it follows its subject with intimate proximity.

Accompanying the action is the pop verve of “Bruising”, which envelops the torn emotion of a love rife with conflict and rooted in sentiment and hurt. The lyrics “Every fight we end up hating/Those three words we end up breaking” nicely summing it up. Baker, making her point with a biting sting that hits its mark. To watch the video, click here and follow Nina Baker on Twitter @NinaBakerMusic

Sonic Assembly: Apollo Junction, Jykkala, No One Sun, Quinn Archer

Sonic Assembly is a feature that spotlights 2 or more talented musical artists (in alphabetical order), their works or a new musical project and shares how you can listen to them.

Sonic Assembly: Edgar's Gift (Complilation Album), Puppet Rebellion & Wullae Wright

Edgar’s Gift Compilation Album

In honor of Ben Edkins, a cancer patient who passed away at the age of 25 in 2010, his family; parents Julie and Neil Bradman and friends founded Edgar’s Gift. It is a charity aimed at offering support to young adults aged 18 – 30, who are suffering from cancer.

The efforts of Edgar’s Gift are based out of Leicestershire, UK. Along with aiding the patients, Edgar’s Gift also works to aid the families who are affected by their loved one’s illness.

Sonic Assembly: IceChrystalls, iScat & Tom Humphreys

IceChrystalls This dreamy band based out of Colchester, UK transport listeners with wistful vocals and 80’s girl power style to indie rock. Composed of vocalists Emily Ince and Deanna Christalls, bassist Laura Yapp and guitarists Del Yapp and Callum Gutteridge, the band boasts teen spirit and int…

Sonic Assembly: Eliza Neals, The Palace Wolves & Billy Shaddox

Eliza Neals, 'Misery'

Based out of Detroit, singer-songwriter Eliza Neals’ soulful voice is the key instrument for her firebrand version of blues-fueled tunes. Producing a retro time warp, Neal’s song catalogue hits its mark by fusing rock and old school Motown into a steady stream of musical harmony.

Her foxy single “Misery” is the perfect illustration of her gift to boldly capture a golden era, ushering it back to life with the opening, sound effect of a crackling record spinning.