Sonic Assembly: IceChrystalls, iScat & Tom Humphreys


This dreamy band based out of Colchester, UK transport listeners with wistful vocals and 80’s girl power style to indie rock. Composed of vocalists Emily Ince and Deanna Christalls, bassist Laura Yapp and guitarists Del Yapp and Callum Gutteridge, the band boasts teen spirit and intrinsicly feminine vocals.

Their original works include the airy “Stronger”, a melodically inventive number. “Imagine” is a willowy song featuring angst fueled reverie that charges forward with giant emotion and a haunting guitar rift. Fuzzy electro renaissance number “City Lights” puts listeners right under the blaring lights of a city-scape with a striking sonic visualization and the dizzying “Shadows”, captures a heady emotionalism.

The IceChrystalls' sound features a sprinkling of musical flavor that is rich in a wide variety of inspirations. It’s an element that has served them well and clearly kept their sound from becoming stagnant. According to their profile on ReverbNation, the artists the collective counts among their influences are Demi Lovato, Nickelback, Fall Out Boy, Nirvana and REM. That’s quite a range to cull from and they’re succeeding in integrating the best aspects of those artists.

To listen to the music of the IceChrystalls you can check out ReverbNation and for the latest up-to-date news on the group, you can follow them on Twitter @IceChrystalls


This is IceChrystalls’ guitarist Del Yapp other musical project, a joint venture with artist NFV from Big Fat Cat Ugly Bat. They are based out of Clacton-on-Sea, UK and describe their sound as “Alternative/Experimental/Electronic/Acoustic”, a genre description that properly suits the unique and otherworldly soundscape of iScat.

Starting the group in late 2013, they have already produced 3 highly intriguing tracks. “Out of My Mind” is a breezy piece of electro chic that hasn’t abandoned the warmth, traditional instrumentation can bring. 

Reminiscent of stardust era 80’s rock and 90’s age imagination, “Deluded” captures an atmospheric edge that lends itself to an unpredictable listening experience. “Escape” blends the harmonica into a seamless stream of melodicism and faded vocals give it a satisfyingly lived in feel. Their work is moody and artistically vibrant with a nocturnal fringe that timbres. There is also a shadowiness that contrasts well with the lighter mystique, which allows the sounds to nicely play off of one another.

To listen to the music of iScat you can check out ReverbNation and for the latest up-to-date news on the group, you can follow them on Twitter @iScat2

Tom Humphreys

He’s the bassist for the funkadelic rock band Kismet Ryding from Grimsby, UK. While Kismet Ryding has been blazing onto the music scene, Tree has also been striking some solo notes. He’s embarking on a different route by taking a quiet, acoustically founded approach to his solo work. An individual sound which is decidedly simpler; infused with a brand of self-reflectivity that focuses on the use of a well-played guitar for its base and expressive vocalization. 

Finding folksy momentum, Humphreys explores an earthy spirit with “Just a Girl” a rhythmically bohemian pleasure. The instrumentally chaste “Human?” is an existential treat that’s jangly sound, cascades with eloquent observations.

A demo version of “Keep It Right” brings a sagacity of soulful sensibility, whilst carrying an upbeat spirit. WeFilm YouPlay recorded Humphreys' performances of “All One Thing”, “Better” and “5 O’Clock” on Cleethorpes Beach, all of which can be viewed via YouTube (click the link to watch). 

To listen to the music of Tom Tree, you can check out SoundCloud, listen to samplers from his new album here and for the latest up-to-date news on Tree, you can follow him on Twitter @tom_tree44