Sonic Assembly: Edgar's Gift (Complilation Album), Puppet Rebellion & Wullae Wright

Edgar’s Gift Compilation Album

In honor of Ben Edkins, a cancer patient who passed away at the age of 25 in 2010, his family; parents Julie and Neil Bradman and friends founded Edgar’s Gift. It is a charity aimed at offering support to young adults aged 18 – 30, who are suffering from cancer.

The efforts of Edgar’s Gift are based out of Leicestershire, UK. Along with aiding the patients, Edgar’s Gift also works to aid the families who are affected by their loved one’s illness.

Musicians from around the world have joined the effort to support the cause by donating songs for a CD that’s proceeds will go to Edgar’s Gift.

Among the talents contributing to the album are The Bottom Line, Best Not Broken, Sam Bradley, The Deets, The Delinquents, The Cornerstones, The Castellers, Lewis Clay, Even Nine, High State, The Humanitarians, Kindred Shins, Lost In Olympus, The Mutineers, Alexander McKay, One Soul Thrust, Riot/Noise, Slow Readers Club, Solice, Under a Banner and A Wasted Effort. That is quite an array of talented indie musicians. The CD will be available March 21 (3/21).

To learn more about this remarkable charity, you can log onto the website for Edgar’s Gift and for all of the latest news, you can follow their efforts on Twitter @Edgarsgift and on Facebook. The artwork for the cover was done by Katie Fairfield @ktloufairfield

Puppet Rebellion  

Since launching in 2013; the indie group hailing from Manchester, UK, have released two EPs, the invigorating ‘Chemical Friends’ and the recent ‘No Means Yes’, which follows in its predecessor’s footsteps with their signature liveliness.

Commencing the EP is “Pirouette”, a rocking number where pointed lyricism takes center stage as a duplicitous paramour is placed in the crosshairs of some well executed barbs as the narrator declares his intentions to “escape” as powerful guitar riffs abound. The softly melodic “Cupboards Painted Red” is accented with evocative vocals that charge the song with poignant electricity and lyrics which echo forth with haunting clarity. 

“Loner in Disguise” is a call to action for the younger generation to take accountability for their role in their destiny. The sentiments are expressed with piercing earnest, striking further truths with melodious splendor. “Green Eyed Monster” picks things up with a frenzied energy that pulses through with furious instrumentation.

‘No Means Yes’ concludes with a retooling of the title track from the band’s debut EP. “Chemical Friends” returns as a transformative remix courtesy of Cai Caslavinieri, featuring electro strokes of futuristic beats. Their latest demonstrates Puppet Rebellion’s knack to rock, write and zealously innovate. 

To listen to Puppet Rebellion you can log onto SoundCloud and for the latest updates, you can follow them on Twitter @PuppetRebellion and bandmembers Paul @PaulPuppetRebellion and Jim @JimPuppetRebellion

Wullae Wright 

From Glasgow, Scotland; musician Wullae Wright melds together indie starkness with a rock vibe and a folksy mentality for his album, ‘The Orange Line’.  Wright conveys a reticence and vulnerability with his unique style of musical storytelling.

The song “UFO” kicks off ‘The Orange Line’, beginning with a serenely mellow flavor that’s instrumentation is rich and textured with various sounds. It never stays in one melodic destination too long though before venturing to various soundscapes throughout its journey. The echoing sentiment “you cry out” reverberates throughout the song’s 8 minute run time with a resonance that coils around the heart of the song.

“A Stage with Your Own Fears” is wily and free flowing with a vocal arrangement that pushes any sort of convention. The intrinsic tune “Roadtrippin’” evolves into a thrashing vocal experience that envelops an enthusiastic aggression throughout its core.

“Nostalgic” is a broody and simplistically measured study in the emotional yearnings of nostalgia, Wright keeps the song bare, honing the essentials. “A Story of a Wall” is an alternative endeavor and expressive in overall sound.

Throughout Wright’s work he captures a raw, idiosyncratic, musical dynamism that is worth sonic exploration. 

To listen to ‘The Orange Line’, you can check it out on BandCamp and for the latest updates you can follow Wullae on Twitter @wullaewright