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TV Rundown: March 16 - 21: 'Tomorrow People' Hits Its Stride

Best Show that Combined Being Humorous & Sexy: The Tomorrow People: This week’s episode “Superhero” centered on Russell (Aaron Yoo) as he tried to find his vigilante ex (Melissa Roxburgh). Russell offered up his characteristic zingers and Yoo got a chance to display his marvelous comedic abilities along with some great chemistry with his love interest for the episode, Roxburgh.

Meanwhile Cara (Peyton List) and John (Luke Mitchell) got a chance to play with the lighter side of their relationship where double entendres abounded and witty chemistry followed suit.

Most Entertaining Soap Opera Character: Ally on The Bold and The Beautiful: One of B&B’s most entertaining characters continued her reign as Ashlyn Pearce’s enthralling performance remained as engaging as ever.

Best Reality TV Return: Dancing with the Stars: The judges were positioned back where they used to be sitting, the celeb aquarium returned and this season's contestants are all amazingly likable. Everything is right on course for the dancing phenomena’s 18th season. The only drawback is this is the second season in a row in which, the show has fixed something that wasn’t broken by ousting fan-favorite, Brooke Burke-Charvet.

Most Answers in a Season Finale: Pretty Little Liars: After a season spent chasing Ali (Sasha Pieterse) around, she finally sat down and coughed up some answers. Most of the puzzle pieces were finally put into place and they actually made sense. The only downside was the absolution of Fitz (Ian Harding) and the lamest gunfight/showdown ever that resulted in him being injured.

Most Annoying Soap Storyline: General Hospital: Robin (Kimberly McCullough) is still gone after abandoning the family she just returned from the dead for, so that she can save a gangster she “died” saving the first around.

Saddest Long Goodbye: Glee: Not since Sam Malone was closing up shop at "Cheers" has the sadness of closing doors and ending a chapter been this sad. As the original kids came back to sing the glee club out of existence, the emotion was abundant.

After last week’s incredibly moving episode that finally paid tribute to Finn for the first time since “The Quarterback”, the 100th episode was a similarly somber affair. Hopefully the glee club survives. It would be way too depressing a note to conclude viewers’ time in Lima on otherwise.

Worst Reveal: Revenge: It turns out that Emily (Emily Van Camp) doesn’t have a split personality. She just needed Aiden (Barry Sloane) to dunk her head in a tub of water so that she could remember she had asked her dad to stop hooking up with Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) as a kid, to which he refused. Apparently, until she could remember that detail, her psyche was fractured. What. A. Revelation.

Most Annoying Recurring Storyline: The Vampire Diaries: Stefan (Paul Wesley) has yet another doppelganger and this one is a true blue hero. Wow! The scenario is already a yawn-fest and it has barely begun. Question, if Elena (Nina Dobrev) is destined to be with her contemporary doppelganger than doesn’t this new guy fit the bill? If so, why does everyone on the show keep insisting Stefan is her soul mate?

Most Disturbing Show: Vikings: It’s a show known for its rather unsanitized violence and this week’s episode was no exception as its shocking brutality, hit queasy levels that indelibly disturbed.
Most Shocking Hereditary Twists: Bates Motel & Once Upon a Time: Despite suspecting that Dylan’s (Max Thieriot) biological father was Norma’s brother, actually hearing it confirmed was a massive shocker. What makes “Bates Motel” one of the best show’s on television is that it never makes a bold plot move for sheer shock value.

This is a story that’s threads create the very fabric of Norma Bates’ character, as a victim turned survivor and it made all of the sense in the world. Few shows can plot character driven drama as effortlessly as “Bates” and that’s what sets it apart.

Over on ABC, “Once Upon a Time” provided the twisted sister reveal that the Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader) and Regina (Lana Parrilla) are half-siblings. This development was genuinely surprising and the writers were wise to move on it before viewer’s speculation could simmer for too long, spoiling the reveal.

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