Best & Worst: The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

Wait…was this the People's Choice Awards? As the night's winners were revealed, one couldn't help notice that only the victors were present.

Why so bored? Without fail, every time the camera panned out to the crowd, a star appeared dismayed by the current happenings. With the exception of Josh Hutcherson, Johnny Depp (he was only shown onstage), Jessica Alba, Rita Ora and a few others, a lot of attendees seemed to have somewhere better to be. Could the culprit have been the ongoing Coachella Music festival?

To Little of a Tribute: The late Paul Walker was honored with a moving 1 minute speech by long-time co-star Jordana Brewster and a brief line or two from Vin Diesel interspersed with a montage. MTV's sentiment was there but the expression it deserved; wasn't. When contrasted with the night's other prolonged honors, Walker deserved so much more.

Thanks for the Honesty: Mark Wahlberg's acceptance speech for the Generation Award was the perfect illustration of why he has enjoyed the career longevity he has. He’s blunt, honest, and the best humble-bragger around.

Even as he plugged the long-gestating “Entourage movie”, he slipped it in with a naturalistic pride. Also apparent was his gratitude for what he has and all the while making it clear he wants to do more. It is also worth noting that he knows how to craft a tapestry of profanities, like no other.

The music: Despite the show airing on music television, it was a complete waste to have numerous musical performances during an awards show for movies. If the intent was to keep the connection to music alive, it's too little too late.

Most of the performances weren’t even related to soundtracks or themes. It's hard to imagine MTV interrupting “Teen Mom” to showcase a musical performance so why cut time on an awards show for movies?

Host Report: Conan was alright. The opening bit was funny but unrelated to the theme of the evening, except that it entailed celebrities.

No Spoofs: Where were the raunchy spoofs of the year's most ballyhooed features? That has always been one of the most entertaining aspects of the show.

Best Acceptance Speech: Will Poulter (who also took home Breakthrough Performance) amusingly accepted the honors for Best Kiss on behalf of himself and his “We’re the Millers” co-stars, Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts, giving one of the more humorous speeches of the evening.  

Keeping it Classy: Josh Hutcherson demonstrated humility with his personal victory & the appropriate respect for late co-star Phillip Seymour Hoffman, whilst accepting the award for Best Movie on behalf of “Catching Fire”.

Missing Categories: A lot of the winners were not announced on-air. The category for Best Hero (Henry Cavill won as Superman in “Man of Steel”), Chemistry and more, were left for the online list of complete winners, which you can read here.