Sonic Assembly: Apollo Junction, Jykkala, No One Sun, Quinn Archer

Sonic Assembly is a feature that spotlights 2 or more talented musical artists (in alphabetical order), their works or a new musical project and shares how you can listen to them.

Apollo Junction 

Out of England hails an indie band that’s soaring electric pop brings tremendous soul and inner reflectivity to its electro snyths. It could definitely be said their sound encompasses more soul than is sometimes expressed in the genre. Composed of members Jamie, Matt, Jonathan, Ben and Sam, the group released their self-titled debut EP in June of last year.

Having formed in 2012, they have put out several singles that include their signature funkadelic rendition of indie pop with driving electro instrumentation. Among them are “Begin”, “Born for Now”, “Daylight” and “Such a Carry On” which has a particularly luminous hook. For a unique dance song, look no further than the exuberant “Here Come the Zombies”.

For the band’s latest they’ve changed it up a bit, sonically morphing from their usual sound. The indie band’s latest is “If I Fell” a slow and mellow electro ballad that encompasses a strong emotional resonance. It casts a spell of sweeping distinction that envelops romantic vivacity with a cinematic finesse that incurs vast repeatability. The measured pathos of “If I Fell” suits the group well and demonstrates a different side to their musical abilities with an adept zest that’s quieter side proves just as endearing. 

You can check out Apollo Junction’s music on SoundCloud and follow them for the latest news on Twitter @ApolloJunction


For something decidedly tranquil and strictly instrumental, there are the musical stylings of Jykkala, a Scandinavian-inspired band that focuses on calmingly ambient revelries. Their soundscape is somewhere in the mold of electro synyths, new age tranquility and an earth-tinged fervor. There are two EPs in their repertoire, ‘Disappearers’ and the recent ‘SangeForElskere’. Both offer 4 tracks each and are a simmering collection of relaxing tunes that put the mind into a sort of void, absent of hostility and heavy on harmony. 

It is music like theirs that can usher one into a peacefully reflective space and a serene mindscape. Among the songs available from their latest is “Naermerette (Particles)” which allows for an introspective transcendence by stripping away words and focusing on musical experimentation. From their original EP ‘Disappearers’ is the intrinsic and brief “DK192”, a gentle tapestry of the natural. Jykkala’s craft is currently being honed in the U.K.

You can listen to the sounds of Jykkala on BandCamp and for the latest news, follow them on Twitter @Jykkala

No One Sun

Founded by Nicke Noone and Jamie Hewson, the band has since been rounded out by drummer Craig Warburton and guitarist Gary Faulkner. Based out of England the band released their debut album ‘All We Rely on is Stolen’ in 2013. The album is a blend of independent rock with glimmers of sentient pop. Opening the album is “California” which simmers with an angst that sonically transports one to the west coast.

“Keeping Me” is melodically emotive, a longing love song with flair. The 90’s-esque “I Don’t Know What to Say to You” is charged with electric guitar aggression that builds with arresting emotionalism. “You’ve Changed Your Mind Again” is an indie-pop reverie that cascades with affecting swells and riffs galore. “The Moment” begins slowly as a calm, hazy endeavor with a meditative edge before evolving into a rock-fueled melodic serenade. 

The title track “All We Rely on is Stolen” is wildly swathed with thunderous lyrical moxie. “To Which I Won’t Dance” and “Corbys” complement each other with a rollicking fluidity. The moodily enthralling “Two Ships” and “Seatbelt Burns” are gently crafted with a consuming passion. Closing out the album is “Home”, a gentle pop sojourn that offers a melodious stirring. No One Sun is currently working on a follow-up EP expected to arrive sometime in 2014.

You can listen to ‘All We Rely on is Stolen’ on SoundCloud and keep up with all of their latest news on Twitter @NoOneSunn

Quinn Archer

From Britain, Archer is currently based out of Los Angeles, California. She is an emerging talent on the solo music scene after being a member of several bands. She has even been featured in Vanity Fair. To date, Archer has released 3 singles, “Walk Through the Fire” a soulful ballad with a strong message of inner strength and personal resolve.

The following track she released was “Rest of My Days” where she collaborated with Marcus Foster. It’s a duet that is superbly rendered with a quietly commanding melodicism that aggrandizes both of their vocal abilities.

The fierce “Dark Places” keeps in the tone of her previous tracks, her vocals charging a soul stirring chorus that escalates the sonic presentation with vigor. These 3 tracks offer an impressive introduction to a promising talent and as an avid TV viewer; one can’t help noticing her music would perfectly accompany both a small or big-screen soundtrack.

You can listen to all of the songs mentioned above on SoundCloud and for the latest news you can follow her on Twitter @Quinn_Archer and her devoted fans @QuinnArcherFans