'Penny Dreadful' is Gloom and Boom, Others Join In


Dorian Gray entered “Penny Dreadful,” partaking in the lurid sequence of a sickening romp. As disturbing as that was, the series did not linger on it as long as the scenes of Dr. Frankenstein and Proteus simply staring at each other.

There is something intoxicatingly gloomy about “Penny Dreadful,” and the vibrant turns of Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, and Josh Hartnett are being undermined amidst its unrelenting presence. A little brightness to the escapades would not hurt.

On a separate note, Josh Hartnett has been giving a pleasantly surprising emotive performance as the gruff Ethan Chandler. It is quickly becoming his best role to date.

“Game of Thrones” and Curious Cliffhanger

As Tyrion’s life hung in the balance on “Game of Thrones,” Oberyn Martell agreed to be his champion, accepting a chance to brave The Mountain to avenge the House of Martell. Oberyn’s stirring speech indicated his fearless passion for accomplishing the task. Whether he survives the brutal Mountain and saves Tyrion is a question the series left viewers to mull for a two-week cliffhanger.

“Fargo” Experiences Fascinating Developments

The dark noir took many surprising turns in this past week’s episode. The episode's theme seemed to be finding fall guys, as the squirrely Lester and twisted Malvo managed to calculate a way to subvert the authorities.

Lester took his most diabolical turn yet, and there is a foreshadowing that the unassuming insurance salesman might have more up his sleeve than was once presumed. Meanwhile, Gus Grimly has become frustratingly ignorant; his rash move at the end of the episode and his plodded reaction were annoying beyond belief. 

“Dancing with the Stars” Crowns Winners 

After a season of feverous dancing from all of its competitors, the series crowned their latest victors -- Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Amy Purdy and Derek Hough took second place, while Cameron Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas placed third.

The most exciting aspect of the season was not the finale. It was the lead-up, which saw the amazing competition and soaring inspiration every week. Amy Purdy’s performances will stay with and inspire me forever. This was one of the series' best seasons so far; hopefully, there will be more like it. 

Faux Fun on “General Hospital” 

While fan opinion regarding Fluke (Fake + Luke) has been mixed, it has remained compelling, personally. Some of the characters should be more curious about his strange behavior.

However, Tony Geary’s performance brings enough believability to their suspicions being calmed. Geary’s range has been exceptionally fun to watch. Please do not let this person be revealed to have been wearing a Luke mask. That would be infuriating.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” has a Fantastic Adventure

The sudser headed to Abu Dhabi last Friday in an expansive storyline revolving around Brooke and Bill’s wedding. A daytime serial voyaging on an international adventure is rare and deserves to be celebrated. It’s even distracted from the Wyatt/Hope/Liam debacle.