Best New Movie Bet: July 18 | 'I Origins'

Best New Bet: "I Origins"

A trippy mindbender that attempts to unravel the scientific reasoning behind the old adage “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. Written and directed by “Another Earth” helmer Mike Cahill, this film appears to be similarly tackling sci-fi drama in a modernized fashion. Indie film mega-talent Brit Marling, who starred in Cahill’s remarkable breakthrough (she also co-wrote the script), stars in a supporting role as a molecular biologist and the colleague of Michael Pitt’s character.

When it premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Cahill won the Alfred P. Sloan Prize for the second time (he previously won for “Another Earth”), an award given to a film that portrays a scientifically based story. Cahill’s knack for sharing an astonishing sci-fi concept amidst an intimate human story is his core strength as a director and could be the key to “I Origins” being something really special.

Also Opening:

The raunchy comedy “Sex Tape” starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal as a married couple who decide to spice up their relationship with a private home video, only to have it accidentally go viral to their friends and family. As one might suspect, high jinks ensue. Joe Kasdan who directed Diaz and Segal in the exceptional “Bad Teacher” is behind the camera here and that definitely bodes well for expectations.

The sequel to last year’s surprise box office hit “The Purge” steps away from the home invasion narrative of the first movie and instead focuses on 5 strangers who wind up caught in the crosshairs of the deadly ritual. The initial film’s sleek and thought-provoking plot got lost in the shuffle 20 minutes in, whether the sequel aims to dig deeper, only time will tell.

Opening in limited release is Zach Braff’s Kickstarter funded indie “Wish I Was Here” co-starring Kate Hudson. It tells the tale of a man/hipster grasping for his identity when his life takes a few unexpected turns.

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