TV Rundown: July 13 - 18: 'Witches of East End', 'Liars', 'Tyrant' & more!

Witches of East End: After the premiere’s “oh my” moment where Ingrid hooked up with a blue entity that bared a striking resemblance to Dr. Manhattan, the series went for another sight shocker. This time it concerned recently returned prodigal son, Frederick, as he charmed his Aunt Wendy’s earring by reciting some things in a foreign tongue (Latin?), swallowing the item and then bringing it back up.

After Wendy got her jewelry back, it was hard to determine which lack of knowledge was more upsetting and detrimental to her health. Her nephew bewitching her adornment or the way he went about it.

Under the Dome: Dwight Yoakam guest starred on this week’s episode and he brought acid rain with him. With Big Jim put out of commission early in the episode, Barbie and company had to join forces to save Rebecca, the mega brainy high school teacher, who’d been kidnapped. As Big Jim’s newfound partner-in-crime, the dicey Rebecca has made herself essential to him and a major asset to the show. Her chillingly sinister logic lead to a moral cliffhanger that will play out in next week’s episode. 

Pretty Little Liars: Hanna decided to take matters into her own hands through some minor subterfuge and help Ali leave town. She would ultimately be found out and scorned by Emily for her attempt. What Emily seems incapable of coming to grips with, is that her fellow Liars and other members of the community are having a difficult time forgiving and forgetting Ali’s menacing reign of terror as easily as she has. Even after Ali was caught on tape stating her lack of remorse, Emily still blindly defends her. 

Similarly, Aria has forgiven and forgotten all of Ezra’s dastardly behavior. The series deserves credit for portraying the tunnel vision that often comes with infatuation. However, it fails to explicitly state that is what Aria and Emily are suffering from. Instead, it justifies their blind loyalty without much fanfare.

True Blood: By the end of this week’s episode which mercifully ended the kidnapping storyline, there was one question that lingered in its aftermath. Who the heck was Kevin? They disrupted the flow and content of the show so Jason and Sam could break the news of his unfortunate demise to his widow. The bewildering fact is the whole time this was going on, I had no idea who Kevin was or why we should be spending so much time on the development of his death, during an episode of the final season. 

Tyrant: Since the beginning of this series there has been one nagging character that continually distracts from the other’s cunning and intelligence. That would be Barry’s wife, who after 4 episodes, still cannot grasp the danger her family is in. Despite countless warnings and close calls, she insists on putting her family in the center of the storm. If she wants to continue giving Barry sage advice, she can Skype him. Elsewhere, one character that continues to transfix is Jamal’s wife Leila, a mysterious and compelling spirit, who will hopefully be explored with greater depth in the near future.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Aly and Oliver’s sweet love affair hit a rough patch this week. Thankfully it didn’t put them out of commission for long because Oliver impersonated a knight at Medieval Times to earn back Aly’s trust and mend her broken heart. This surprising pairing has been a refreshing reprieve from the triangle drama and usual indecision that composes other relationships on the show. They’re a young couple worth rooting for and it’s been wonderful.

Line of the Week: “The cops in this town should be riding around in clown cars.” – Caleb to Hanna on “Pretty Little Liars”