Let's Discuss: The New Seasons of 'Arrow', 'Vampire Diaries', 'Revenge' And 'OUAT'

"Arrow" (The CW)

A new season of television is upon us and with that comes a fresh batch of optimism that some series will get a chance to hit a whole new mark. Starting its junior year is “Arrow”, The CW’s caped crusading drama which avoided a sophomore slump last season, though it did experience its share of turbulence. Sara and Roy provided their share of secondary hurdles and Laurel’s fall down the rabbit hole of alcoholism did not help the overall flow of the season.

Teasers for the upcoming season indicate there will be more focus on Felicity, an overwhelmingly positive move. Her romantic potential with Oliver is also set to be explored. As exciting as it would be to see them together, there is the age old paradox of delivering a pairing too soon, given it could potentially augment the core DNA of the characters in their solo form.

Aside from romance, the greatest hope for the new season would be that Oliver lightens up dramatically, becoming less of a sullen downer. It’s hard to root for a hero who demonstrates zero levity. On another Oliver related note, introducing his secret love child is not high on the list of personally anticipated story avenues. The show is simply not structured for that kind of dynamic. "Arrow" airs Wednesdays on The CW.

[Image by The CW]

"The Vampire Diaries" (The CW)

Fellow CW series “The Vampire Diaries” saw some highs and lows, last season. It’s segues into torture and Damon’s overall regression as a character were chief among its least appealing aspects. As most fans know the new season will follow Bonnie and Damon as they navigate another dimension.

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls, everyone grieves their “deaths”. After all of the fake outs and non-deaths, the best gift TVD could give this fan is to stop jerking viewers around with near deaths that cumulatively mean nothing in the long term.

The most useful thing the “alternate dimension” storyline provides is a chance for Damon to finally grow as a character. The snappy devil turned remorseful tortured soul routine is getting stale. If he could actually do something chivalrous and heroic for Bonnie, not because she’s Elena’s friend but because he just wants to do right by her, it would be a wondrous step for him.

The most exciting aspect of the veteran series’ sixth season is the return of Alaric (who should have never been killed off in the first place) and his portrayer Matt Davis, both have been missed. He’s not your average vampire slayer/history teacher anymore either; he has the power of an Original. "The Vampire Diaries" airs Thursdays on The CW.

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"Revenge" (ABC)

Towards the end of its third season it became clear that ABC’s nighttime sudser “Revenge”, was working towards a creative metamorphosis by letting Emily have her vengeance, potentially making way for Victoria’s POV to take center stage. The most crucial element necessary for the new season is that Conrad survives the attempt on his life by the back-from-the-dead David Clark.

Henry Czenry and his portrayal of Conrad are invaluable to the quality of the series. Without him, its luminosity severely dulls. Moving away from the Emily/Amanda narrative is a step in the right direction. The greatest weapon that “Revenge” has always possessed in its arsenal is Victoria, Conrad and their integrally vicious relationship. 

If this season finally acknowledges the sins and complete responsibility of David Clark for his and his daughter’s suffering than it will have been a long time coming. Emily’s psychopathic behavior reached its peak last season and the most righteous irony for her to suffer would be realizing that her father was not worth her efforts. "Revenge" airs Sundays on ABC.

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"Once Upon a Time" (ABC)

The most talked about proceeding on ABC’s fantasy series “Once Upon a Time” is the introduction of Elsa and Anna from Disney’s animated smash “Frozen”. Newly beloved and towering figures in the current pop culture zeitgeist, the sisters will be making their debut in live action form. As long as the writer’s stay true to the essence of the film character’s this will be amazing!

In the past, “Once” has performed a fairy tale twist on infamous characters. In the recent case of Peter Pan, he was turned into a dead beat dad and soulless villain (long story). If “Once” plays its cards right, this stroke of wintery magic could spell a tremendous opportunity for the series. "Once Upon a Time" airs Sundays on ABC.

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