TV Rundown: Special Soap Edition | It's Ridge vs. Rick on 'Bold' & Billy Miller Debuts as Jason on 'GH'

The Bold and the Beautiful | The Ridge/Caroline/Rick/Katie quadrangle has taken flight and the results have been awkward to put it mildly. Ridge is Rick’s half-brother/ex-stepfather and Katie (Ridge’s fiancรฉe) is Rick’s aunt/soon-to-be-sister-in-law so the relationships in this romantic quandary are…complicatedly tangled to say the least. As Katie watches idly by with her red string “engagement ring”, her passive reaction has lead her into door mat territory again.

Ever since Caroline began working as Ridge’s creative surrogate the looming romantic fallout was inevitable. Coming off the worst in all of this is Ridge, who appears to be destroying his brother’s marriage just to get the position as Forrester Creations' CEO. Knowingly hurting Katie for a career ambition seems out of character. The good news out of the storyline is Rick has had a larger presence and a more distinct storyline.

General Hospital | Jason is back and Billy Miller’s much anticipated debut has been worth the wait. It is already apparent that the Jason of years past (sullen, emotionless and dull) is in the rearview mirror. The “hit man with a heart of gold” routine had grown stale by the time of the character’s departure and at this juncture, a reinvention is a must.

With Miller’s version of Jason being a blank slate, it’s given the show an intriguingly refreshing avenue. As fans have clamored for the return of Jason Q, this new incarnation offers hope that if not a complete return of the original character, the “Morgan” version might not be returning completely either. One thing is certain, having the super talented Miller on the show has brought a new range of excitement for the potential of “General Hospital” and that is a marvelous thing.

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