TV Rundown: Nov 16 - 26 | Felicity is Romanced on 'Arrow' as Reveals Shake 'Reign' - Plus, more!

Reign | As the battle between Protestants and Catholics reached its boiling point, Francis started to reach his breaking point in his quest to settle the dispute. Frary experienced another tumultuous period in their relationship and all of it could be avoided if Francis would fess up to Narcisse’s blackmail. Why he is hiding such explosive information from Mary, especially when her fate hangs in the balance is hard to follow. Not to mention, keeping it from Catherine.

After years spent in her company, he should’ve been paying close enough attention to his scheming mother to know that she has the conniving skill to get all of them out of any situation, no matter how daunting it may seem. As the list of people in the know continues to grow (Lola also learned the truth), Francis’ secrecy with Mary and Catherine is becoming even harder to understand.

After speculating that Catherine had something to do with her own haunting, the shocking truth was revealed and as it turns out she is innocent. Claude, it would seem, is the guilty party. It’s hard to believe there’s not another wrinkle to this plot, given her indignation over why she was unceremoniously tossed from court seems to indicate she has no recollection of her crime. Then again she might just be a psychopath.

The Vampire Diaries | “Friendsgiving” turned into a family affair when Jo was fortuitously reunited with her long lost siblings, Liv and Luke. As it turns out the trio has another sibling, the beyond evil Kai. By the time all was revealed the twist had become a tad obvious. Kai is one of the vilest villains the show has ever featured, which is really saying something.

TVD has a bad habit of thinking the despicable villains it conjures are worth redeeming (i.e. Klaus). Let’s hope they steer clear of adding Kai to the list of short-term obstacles turned long-term villains turned Caroline’s next bed buddy. There’s no plot pretzel that’s going to make him worthwhile. It’s scary but on this show, a killer as heinous as Kai has a shot at sticking around.
Arrow | It has to be said that Ray Palmer is an amazing addition to the show. There’s finally a guy willing to romance Felicity, treat her as an equal and demonstrate genuine interest in what she has to say. There’s no question that Felicity is a prize. She has countless super talents and somehow manages to remain relatable in all of her quirkiness. While the idea of Olicity has always seemed a fantastic prospect, the way it’s been executed has been disappointing.

During most episodes Oliver acts like he could take her or leave her and he tends to overly assume she wants to be with him. As if it’s a foregone conclusion that she couldn’t resist his rather vapid attempt at winning her hand and most of the time she seems to be a romantic afterthought to the arrow slinging playboy.

Felicity has just as much to offer as he does and while he's taken a long time to notice, Ray Palmer hasn’t been as slow. Palmer has a romantic and innately chivalrous heir that makes Felicity’s attraction to him just as (if not more) believable. She is a woman of intellectual substance and let’s face it, intellect is not Oliver's strong suit.

He doesn’t seem to be all that impressed by her genius in the first place, as if he lacks the awareness that she is one. Despite it all, there is still an undeniable allure to Olicity with their longing glances and steady build. Whichever bachelor she chooses, she is where she belongs in a romantic triangle on the show, in the center of it.

The Flash | Barry and Harrison locked horns over their differing viewpoints on how far the team should go to save the episode’s meta-human, an electric charged victim of Harrison’s machine who had become bent on revenge. “Power Outage” further confronted the ramifications of Harrison’s invention and debated the logistics of his “you have to break a few eggs” philosophy. Why Barry wasn’t more alarmed over their altercation and what it revealed was a bit strange.

Perhaps he is so enchanted with the notion of being a hero it is blinding him to the wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is realistic he'd be so caught up in being The Flash, he'd subconsciously ignore some things going on around him. On another note, the main storyline bore a striking resemblance to the recent “Amazing Spider-Man 2” movie, which featured a nearly identical storyline with the character Electro. Suffice it to say, the similarity was hard to ignore.

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