Winter's Best New TV Bets: ABC, CBS & The CW

ABC Mid-SeasonFresh Off the Boat | Based on Eddie Huang’s memoir of the same name, this sitcom is set in the 90’s and tells the story of an adolescent Eddie (Hudson Yang) as he and his family adjust to life in Orlando, Florida after moving from Washington, DC. Similar to ABC’s comedy “The Goldbergs” it's staying true to the narrator’s era and is a “period piece” of sorts.

Trailers have been hard to come by and ABC hasn’t been publicizing this show as much as one would hope. The premise alone sounds incredibly exciting though. Fish out of water stories are always interesting, especially when told the through the eyes of a kid. Let’s hope “Fresh Off the Boat” gets a better shot than “Selfie” did. Premiere Date: Feb 4
CBS Mid-Season: The Odd Couple | Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon star in this present day remake of the iconic 70’s sitcom about two polar opposite friends who are also roommates. Perry plays the schlep and Lennon the orderly side of the equation. Perry’s luck with TV series since “Friends” hasn’t been so providential and his character in “Odd Couple” is a far cry from the uptight Chandler Bing. If he’s able to generate the necessary buddy chemistry opposite Lennon, this could break his streak of short-lived series. Premiere Date: Feb 19
Zoo | As of now this project is in the very early stages of production and is currently slated as an “event” series, which is the new buzz word for a mini-series. It is also a code word used for a series the network believes has the potential to be extended, should it become a ratings bonanza. “Zoo” is based on James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge’s stand alone novel of the same name. James Wolk and “Dracula” star Nonso Anozie are set to star. This could be a defining moment for Wolk, whose previous roles include the fleeting FOX series “Lone Star” and CBS’ “The Crazy Ones”. He, like Perry, has a streak to break. Premiere Date: TBA

CW Mid-Season:
The Messengers | “One Tree Hill” actress Shantel VanSanten stars in The CW’s latest sci-fi effort as a scientist who becomes inadvertently connected to a group of strangers when a vessel crashes on earth sending out a shockwave that temporarily stops their hearts. Upon waking, they learn they’re the only thing standing in the way of the apocalypse.

Translation, they’re about to get very busy. VanSanten really grew during her time on “One Tree Hill”. Going from the obnoxious sister of one of the series’ central heroines to one of the most lovable newcomers post-time leap. She’s worth giving the series a chance, even if it sounds incredibly depressing. Premiere Date: April 10