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Movie Review: 'Nightcrawler' Is A Slick Piece of Cinema

Underneath the dim lights of a nocturnal Los Angeles, a hollow-eyed creature claws out of the ether. He is a predator equipped with cunning, ambition, and a chillingly calm demeanor. He is Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal), a driven man whose most dangerous weapon is his mind, and it might be coming unhi…

Movie Review Assembly: The 2015 Oscar Nominees

Brush up on Eclectic Pop’s movie reviews of the Oscar nominated films battling it out for glory by clicking the title you wish to read. Be sure to check back, as the list will be populated further as more reviews are published. The movies are listed in alphabetical order.

2015 Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

Predicted Winner: Eddie Redmayne, "The Theory of Everything"

This is the only suspenseful category in the acting portion of the Oscars. The competition between Michael Keaton and Redmayne has been intensely close. Ever since the release of “Birdman” at the Venice Film Festival, Keaton had been leading the pack. Then the SAGs took place and they proved to be a game changer. The edge is Redmayne’s coming into tonight.

2015 Oscar Predictions: Best Actress

Predicted Winner: Julianne Moore, "Still Alice"

This category is an absolute lock. Withstanding one of the biggest upsets in Oscar history, the four-time nominee should claim the prize on her fifth nod. Given Moore is a veteran and long-deserving recipient, none of her other competitors have really posed a viable threat throughout the season.

Her performance as a professor suffering from early on-set Alzheimer’s disease has been at the center of critical raves since the film’s debut. Curiously, Moore’s is the only nomination the film garnered. You would think a film containing the Best Actress winner would also be among the Best Picture contenders.

2015 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actor

Predicted Winner: J.K. Simmons, "Whiplash"

This is another category that’s winner is a no brainer. Ever since “Whiplash” burst onto the scene at last year’s Sundance Film Festival it has been the buzz of awards observers with Simmons’ performance as a relentless and brutal music teacher, earning early raves. His winning momentum has only gotten stronger throughout the year.

2015 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

Predicted Winner: Patricia Arquette, "Boyhood"

Arquette’s role as a single mom raising a boy who grows into young adulthood, has earned her every award she’s been in contention for. Her win is as inevitable as her Leading Actress counterpart, Julianne Moore.

Why She Will Win | There’s no way the Oscars would put an end to her winning streak. Of particular interest with Arquette’s awards sweep is the character she portrays is the most ordinary of the lot. The Academy breaks a tradition of sorts with this vote, given their propensity to recognize the performances of actors who portray characters dealing with larger than life tribulations. “Boyhood” as a whole breaks that pattern.

TV Rundown: Feb 8 - 13 | Part 2: Power Struggles on 'Reign', 'Blacklist' Stalls & 'Vampire Diaries' Loses Again

Reign | Narcisse was a busy man in “The End of Mourning” as he made huge inroads into reclaiming his status by finagling a save for Antoine and an unwitting Conde, as the brothers stood accused of poisoning the king. It deserves reiterating that Craig Parker (Narcisse) is an absolute delight as the machinating Narcisse. He and Toby Regbo (Francis) played especially well off each other in the episode’s opening; as Francis entertainingly conveyed his irritation with his adversary.

TV Rundown: Feb 8 - 13 | Part 1: The 'Pretty Little Liars' Dig Up Secrets, Mutiny Hits 'Arrow' & 'The Flash' Attempts Romance

Pretty Little Liars | To sum up “Out Damned Spot”; Mike continued his bizarre behavior, Emily learned that her new girlfriend was keeping a pretty big secret, Spencer’s neighbor took her out to paint graffiti, Hanna asked her father for monetary support for college and Fitz espoused a life lesson. First of all, Emily is moving on way too quickly from Paige, who left 5 seconds ago and her rush to forgive Talia for her deception was hard to take, given she has always made Paige work incredibly hard to earn back even a speck of trust that was lost between them.

Movie Review: 'Honeymoon' (2014)

Love, madness and a mystery consume a newlywed couple who’ve embarked on their honeymoon at a lakeside cabin in the woods. What begins as a picturesque excursion for Bea (Rose Leslie) and Paul (Harry Treadaway) soon descends into a nightmare when the new bride disappears in the middle of the night. After a tense search, she is discovered in the woods by her groom; nude, bruised and incoherent.

Let's Discuss: What The Top 2 Takeaways From The 2015 BAFTAs Mean For The Oscars

Michael Keaton vs. Eddie Redmayne | It’s the only Oscar race still up for grabs and with Redmayne nabbing the Best Actor BAFTA the margin between the two has only got closer. Redmayne will come into the Oscars having won both the Best Actor Golden Globe in the drama category, the SAG and the BAFTA.…

Movie Review: 'The Boy Next Door' (2015)

The Boy Next Door Jennifer Lopez
“The Boy Next Door” is Jennifer Lopez’s latest starring vehicle, which features a gender reversal that sparks a refreshing take on the erotic thriller. Lopez stars as Claire, a mom weighing whether to reconcile with her cheating husband (John Corbett) from whom she is separated.

Movie Review: 'Wild' (2014)

In the midst of her arduous journey, Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon) makes her entrance onto the screen in an opening scene that sums up the nearly 2 hours to come. Startlingly painful and cringe inducing, she must endure an agonizing side effect of her walkabout. Her screams of frustration zip the movie to a flashback, whisking the narrative back to where her voyage began.

TV Rundown: January 25 - 30 | It's Ray to the Rescue on 'Arrow', A Parent is in Jeopardy on 'TVD' & Frary Make Amends on 'Reign'

Arrow | Making his most gallant move yet, the charming and demure Ray Palmer leaped into action to protect Felicity when assailants stormed a meeting of Starling City’s finest. It was a major Raylicity moment, though his heroism didn’t seem to get a proper notice from a preoccupied Felicity who is understandably still caught up in thoughts of a presumed dead Oliver.

Speaking of Oliver, he was slowly recovering from his unbelievably mortal wounds. Once again the choppy insertion of flashbacks proved the hour’s most annoying nuisance. Will they ever stop?

Movie Review: 'American Sniper' (2014)

Director Clint Eastwood’s provocative adaptation of Chris Kyle’s memoir is an absorbing look into the life of a serviceman and the toll his work and departure takes on his family. Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle, the most lethal marksman in U.S. military history. A highly publicized angle to this story, it turns out to be a rather small part of the overall puzzle.

Let's Discuss: Johnny Depp And His Career

It’s hard to pinpoint where it all began. Some could argue it’s been building since Johnny Depp, a prominent art house darling transitioned from the heart of indie film to the star of Disney tent poles. After a showbiz career spanning more than 30 years, Depp has recently found himself amid a highly critical media storm.