TV Rundown: Soap Edition | Burning Questions Consume 'General Hospital' & 'Bold & the Beautiful'

General Hospital | The custody battle for adorable baby Avery, took center stage last week and the power struggle hit critical mass when Michael was awarded custody over Sonny. It’s a poetic twist; the show has been smartly lying the groundwork for, for over a year. As delicious as long time viewers and Quartermaine fans have found it to be, the on-screen viewpoint that opposes Michael’s behavior has been so disproportionately negative, it’s tough to take recent events as a victory. It’s not reasonable that so many of PC’s citizens would be backing the mob don over Michael. Michael is the clearly injured party here, not Sonny.

Morgan is by far the most obnoxious anti-Michael activist in the bunch. This despite, his own recent feuding with dear ole’ dad over truly petty details that don’t come anywhere close to the validity of Michael’s righteous grievances. It’s not just this storyline either. Morgan has been behaving like a self-righteous moron ever since he came back, SORAS’d and amped up on self-pity. Worse is Morgan has not answered for one of his crimes.

He double crossed Sonny in a mob war, betrayed his entire family to a rival mob family, slept with the enemy, shot and almost killed his childhood bodyguard, Max, has assaulted Michael countless times, aided and abetted a murder fugitive, acted as an accessory after the fact and left Michael to die; drowning in freezing water. Who is this character to dispense moral judgments against Michael of all people? Why Michael is taking guff off of a little brother as dismal as Morgan is beyond frustrating. “Mikey” needs to put him in his place. 

Speaking of characters not worth caring about, what is with all of the tears over Ava Jerome? She is a cold-hearted, remorseless snake; a diabolical psychopath. Her run as a troublemaker was interesting but it’s time for it to come to a close. The character was written into an irredeemable corner and there’s no way to get her out of it.  

Side Note: Why didn’t Jake listen to Carly and refuse the deal? Everything she said made perfect sense. Where is Rosalie? She and Michael had started to develop something really special and Linda Elena Tovar and Chad Duell shared noticeable chemistry. She's easily been Michael's most promising pairing to date.

Bold and the Beautiful | Why on earth does Steffy or any of the other Foresters need Liam to take control of Forrester Creations? Between her, Ridge and Thomas, they have the voting power to oust Rick by themselves, given they are the majority stockholders. Why should they sell their shares to Liam, a family outsider, so he can take control of a company they have the power to control themselves? Not to mention, Liam hardly finds time to do his current job, the one gifted to him through nepotism.

How will he ever find the time, in between romantic travails, to run an international fashion house? This latest plot wrinkle makes no sense and Liam’s ego has never been more out of control. Why Steffy would lower herself to once again scheming to get him back, only serves to marginalize a character that could do so much better.  

Side Note: Poor Wyatt still thinks he had Hope's heart until the miscarriage. She didn't even have Liam call him when she was in the hospital. They were headed for the big "d" ever since they said "I do", which is a shame because they were way better together than she and Liam, ever were.

[Image by General Hospital/ABC]