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The Exclusive Premiere of The Wild Young Hearts' Song "Me and the Moon" - Get the First Listen Here!

Remember the “standout” song highlighted in Eclectic Pop’s review of The Wild Young Hearts’ latest album ‘Feel Good’? Just in case you need a refresher, here’s what was said about “Me and the Moon” in the album review:
“Usually striking a chord as either abundantly hyper or earnestly mellow; The Wild Young Hearts break form with “Me and the Moon”. It’s a song that manages to marry the two effervescent vibes together and to standout results.”
With that said; it is with immense excitement I can announce that The Wild Young Hearts have graciously given Eclectic Pop the honor of presenting the official premiere of “Me and the Moon”. You can take a listen below…
Stay tuned to RKC's broadcast of a new Eclectic Selection this Friday starting at 7 pm EST - “Me and the Moon” will be opening the show! You can listen to the LIVE stream here or dial into RKC’s channel on the TuneIn App here.

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