Let's Discuss: The Latest Developments on 'Vikings'

After killing off a mainstay character, History Channel's historical drama moved on without paying much of a second thought to the shocking plot twist, turning its attention from the aftermath of Athelstan's murder to the invasion of Paris. Ragnar promoted Floki up the leadership ranks, stirring Viking politics and fidelities as the delusional extremist turned all the more volatile in the throes of his power trip.

Rags always has an unforeseen endgame to his grand plans and his ultimate vision for this one, is a head scratcher. Unless all of the key players (Lagertha, Rollo, Bjorn) are in on Ragnar’s scheme, his treatment of Floki risks coming across irrational as a leader. It's obvious that Floki is deranged and appointing him in a leadership position places the people who need to be fully focused on the task ahead, unnecessarily on edge.

The lack of fallout from Athelstan’s demise continues to frustrate. Where was Ragnar’s reaction to the murder and him swearing justice for his friend? It was treated as if Athelstan’s death had no impact on the community. A similar issue has plagued the aftermath of Siggy’s death. There was barely even a mention of Athelstan in “Paris”.

He was such an integral part of the series and no one has been depicted as being that disaffected by his death. One theory that might explain their reaction is that they are pretending to be ambivalent to give Floki a false sense of confidence that he’s gotten away with it. Hopefully it’s the quiet before the storm and Ragnar and company are stealthily planning to avenge Athelstan.

Outside of the Viking realm, viewers were introduced to the Parisian movers and shakers. First impressions weren't all that impressive. The new characters simply failed to be engaging. In a season that has more fully explored the sinister King Ecbert, these characters fell startlingly flat, only fizzing with their annoyance factor.

Back in Kattegat, Porunn continued to struggle with her disfiguring battle injury and her role as a new mother. Aslaug showed her daughter-in-law compassion, while giving her a much needed pep talk to pull it together.

Side Notes/Burning Questions: Did Queen Kwentwith do more than “treat” Ragnar’s wound? Did she really have his latest child? Is Rags the most fertile male character currently on television? What is going on between Lady Judith and King Ecbert? Last week he had her ear cut off and threatened to take off her other one (plus her nose). Fast forward to the next episode and things between the two are practically flirtatious!

Photo Credit: "Vikings"/HISTORY