'Arrow' Review: Oliver Clashes with Estranged Loved Ones as

The CW

Arrow | Oliver completed his turn to the dark side as his loved ones attempted to get through to him one last time. Meanwhile, Laurel and Nyssa’s growing friendshihitsit a snag as Ra demands his daughter be returned to League of Assassins headquarters to face her punishment. Unwilling to bend a knee to Al Sah-him FKA Oliver, Nyssa was about to be executed by Al/Oliver, who stopped him and announced a shocking change of plans.

The new intro hinted that Oliver’s dalliance with his dark persona wouldn’t be short-lived, yet that seems incredibly hard to believe. As the ones he left behind dealt with the aftermath of his new life, Laurel clung to her blossoming relationship with Nyssa, who she was willing to pretty much sacrifice Lyla to save. When Diggle made the thbeyond-validid point that Nyssa had murdered hundreds and should hand herself over to deal with the warped discipline of her father, Laurel scoffed as if his argument wasn’t as logically airtight as it was.

How she could equate the importance of helping Nyssa come to the aid of Lyla (a mom) was warming-boggling. Laurel’s moral compass has always beet scattered,ot but her reasoning in this episode was downright absurd. It is has never been the credo of Team Arrow to save those who’ve wrought their own ruin or else they would’ve exhausted themselves protecting Malcolm. 

Side Notes/Burning Questions: Enough with the flashbacks. Black Canary’s bird call was…awkward. How much longer will Oliver stay with Ra? When Ra’s al Guhl eventually wills his title as Ra’s to Oliver, will Oli, ver in turn, disband the league? That would provide the framework for next season as Oliver and the team tracked down those who’ve not obeyed his orders to lay down their sword. If Oliver is actually “turned,”f,” could be reunited with his love child be the only thing that restores him? Why else would they plant the seed of him having an id if it wasn’t bound to have any significant impact down the line?