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TV Rundown: April 30: Pt. 2 | Liz Hits the Mother Lode on 'The Blacklist'

The Blacklist: Quon Zhang (No.87) | Liz inched closer to the truth about her ties to Red, finally getting some big answers. He confirmed her mother was the woman in the photographs that Liz is a Russian (named Masha) and her mom was a KGB agent. Red tried to throw her off by saying her “parents” were agents. Liz accused him of being in love with her mother and killing her father so he could be with her. He didn’t really respond to her accusation and the curious thing about all of this is why she is so convinced Red isn’t her father anymore.

What did she learn that has made her so confident that possibility is off the table? As has been stated numerous times in this column, what other logical reason is there for him to do all that he has for her? Because he had a crush on her mom back in the day? The only explanation for Lizzie’s train of thought is denial. Since her and Red’s relationship has taken a hit, her opinion of him has deteriorated. Maybe she is too horrified at the thought of being related to him to accept it. Choosing to deny there is a part of her that is capable of Red’s less attractive traits.

Liz wasn’t the only one unearthing secrets. Harold found himself opening the lid on the shadowy new world conspiracy that’s been pulling the strings on his healthcare. After being threatened to leak a story or face the return of his illness, he was determined not to give in. Unfortunately his wife went behind his back and did their bidding on his behalf.

Who can really blame her though? She loves her husband and wants him to live. Her motives were absolutely pure. The question is how did she have access to the information that required leaking? Harold should have a tight grip on all incendiary material and he’s always been rather meticulous about his work.

Side Notes/Burning Questions: If Liz was trying to test Tom’s love for her by making him step out into the rain to console her, he passed with flying colors. These two belong together. It’s nice to see them rebuilding their trust and friendship slowly. It’s a strong foundation for a reunion.