Let's Talk About...The Top 5 Emmy Snubs

That time of year has come and gone. The day that can consume TV fans with great frustration, the announcement of the Primetime Emmy Awards. For every exciting nomination, there is typically more than a disproportionate trail of disappointing snubs. This year proved no exception. Besides “Game of Thrones” rightfully earning its 24 nominations, there was little excitement to be had for this TV fan. So it is with that Eclectic Pop tackles the Top 5 slights that cut the deepest.

#1 "Bates Motel"

The best series of the year for the third consecutive year in a row, A&E’s “Psycho” prequel once again rose to the occasion of high expectations. What makes “Bates Motel” stand head and shoulders above the rest is that it possesses an equal caliber of acting, writing, production, direction and casting talent. The combination of which, consistently harmonizes to create a thriving final product.

In its third season, the series continued to delve into the psyche of its infamous mother/son duo and those surrounding them, a mega complicated tribe of characters that continued to elevate the series. It’s impossible to pick one standout moment that is indicative of how outstanding this show is because the options are truly immeasurable, a rare feat.

At its core, “Bates” is a family drama filled with steep moral conundrums and constant tests of twisty loyalties. There aren’t a lot of shows daring to tackle the pathos of a tragedy afflicted family, the way “Bates Motel” has consistently done over the course of its three years. The stunningly understated and quiet moments that comprised the season, only punctuated its case for Emmy recognition.

During its three year run, it has failed to ever hit a dull, disingenuous or non-heartfelt note. What fails to register is why it continues to be ignored by the Emmys. Fans can take solace in knowing they are assured two more seasons of this masterful drama, perhaps the best reward of all.

#2 "Vikings" & Travis Fimmel

While the History Channel’s blood drenched period drama has always been a good show, 2015 saw it become a great one. Showrunner Michael Hurst’ gritty, raw and utterly captivating glimpse into the fascinating world of the Vikings was must-see TV that creatively outpaced “Game of Thrones” this year.

The key to its magic is in how it continues to transport viewers into a foreign world and make it accessible to the modern viewer by finding the strands of commonality that tie the past and present together. Humans will always be humans the series points out; prone to bouts of ambition, ruthlessness and pride.

As a character study it remains simply remarkable. Transmitting all of this is the exceedingly impressive performance of series lead Travis Fimmel, who once again brought the Viking leader’s chilling capacity for violence, brilliant military stratagem and mental war games into a crystal prism of hypnotic breadth. Hirst would be at a loss to pull off his vision were it not for Fimmel’s turn as the indomitable Ragnar Lothbrok and the collaboration between the two continues to bring the series to staggering new heights.

#3 "Penny Dreadful"

Showtime’s horror series could’ve stuck to the bloodletting and gore that overly comprised its freshman season and it would’ve been understandable. It is a horror series after all. What it chose to do instead was far more rewarding as it ventured into daring terrain, the heart. In the third episode titled “The Nightcomers” Eva Green was joined by guest star Patti Lupone for a mesmeric installment of benchmark proportions for the series.

A two-hander that showcased the grudging friendship between two powerful ladies fighting for good and warding off evil. It all made for spellbinding television and its dark ending, served as one of the most hauntingly dire in the annals of TV. Watching it, one could tell it was a rare gem; moments of laughter, tears and wisdom, filling one very powerful episode. Sadly Green and Lupone’s handy work went scarcely unnoticed.

#4 The CW

After network star Gina Rodriguez went home with the Golden Globe for “Jane the Virgin”, it seemed the glass ceiling separating The CW and awards recognition might’ve been shattered. Unfortunately that turned out, not to be the case when the Emmys were announced and Rodriguez’s name went uncalled. It would’ve marked the first time an actor from The CW had been nominated.

 While known for its younger skewing fare and onslaught of supernatural and sci-fi themed series, the network has undergone a bit of a reboot over the last few years. One thing that has remained the same throughout its transformation is the network’s stable of incredibly talented actors, who’ve gone sorely unrecognized come awards season.

Among the actors most frustratingly overlooked this year were Jesse L. Martin of “The Flash”, whose work as Joe, the compassionate single dad/mentor/detective, has been at the heart of the freshman series (for proof just watch "The Man in the Yellow Suit"). Then there’s The CW’s lavish period drama “Reign”, whose cast (Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo, Megan Follows) knocked the doors off of its sophomore season. Acting isn’t the only endeavor the series deserves props for though. The costume design is another aspect of the show that’s out of sight.  

#5 Honorable Mentions: "Tyrant" & "Daredevil"

FX’s exotic and exciting drama is markedly underrated and its cast (Adam Rayner, Ashraf Barhom, Moran Atias and Jennifer Finnigan) deserves major kudos for selling some very fantastical plot points with terrific finesse. Over on Netflix, Scott Glenn’s show stopping performance as the salty Stick gave “Daredevil” the extra jolt of vigor it desperately needed, helping it achieve its best episode. While, Wai Ching Ho brought a regal menace to her role as the erudite villainess Madame Gao; stealing scenes in a number of expertly executed monologues.


  1. I agree with most of your points.
    Vikings is a great adventure and action period piece that accurately depicts a culture not often depicted. It has strong intelligent female characters that can raise families as well as kick butt with the best of them.

    Penny Dreadfull is consistently one of my favorite shows on television. Eva Greene is a force of nature depicting both a powerhouse as well as emotionally fragile at times. The costumes and scenery are lush and interesting. The storytelling is always interesting and riveting with strong acting all around.

    I don't generally watch the CW so I can't comment on it's content.

    I have only watched two episodes of Daredevil so far and am generally impressed.


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